Undisclosed Location: Pen and Paper

this is great. i love writing things out longhand (yes even with my terrible handwriting). and much like whoever writes “undisclosed location” i also prefer gridlined paper. and moleskines are awesome. of course adding the pages, as is the greatness of these posts is tough as i dont have a scanner (well i have one, but i’m not trying to hook it up and it’s older than dirt). plus there are not many times i’m not with my computer. but there are plenty of times i would rather write longhand versus typing it out.

suffice it to say, as of this posting, 3 “analog” posts have been made and each one is great and i agree with each one very much. in fact, if i ever do blatantly copy this idea (haha, maybe i’ll go super lowtech and just take a digital pic of my notes and post those, of course no one will be able to read it haha), don’t be surprised if my first few posts are eerily similar to the ones here thus far.

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