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television goodness

Posted by seoulfully on April 27th, 2005

just read this little blurb on

“Could anyone resist a show called When Surgical Tools Get Left Behind? This one sounds nasty: surgeons leave their whittlin’ knives inside patients, and the patients suffer and bleed until the doctors figure out what the problem is. Oh, oh, oops! Guess it was just that C-clamp. So sorry. TLC, 11pm EST”

how great/scary/interesting/ridiculous does this show sound? it’s on right this moment, but is re-airing at 11pm CST as well.

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bono and gates, a match made in heaven

Posted by seoulfully on April 27th, 2005

bono and bill

that should be the next album title by U2. haha, i love the ipod bit… i know it’s all out war with all things computer, but come on, bill gates wouldn’t buy an ipod? i bet he has like 10 of them.

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wonderlic goodness

Posted by seoulfully on April 25th, 2005

No sooner do I write my post, than in my mailbox is this month’s GQ complete with an article on the Wonderlic Personnel Test. Including a grand total of 6 sample questions. Oh, and there is a time limit, 12 minutes to answer 50 questions. 14.4 seconds per question. No calculators allowed. They also had the following list of “desirable scores” for various positions:

26 – offensive tackle

24 – quarterback

16 – running back (the lowest desirable score for any position)

– via GQ

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football players are smart or not so much

Posted by seoulfully on April 25th, 2005

Harvard quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick took his Wonderlic exam, and got every single question right. That ties him with Pat McInally as the only two people who achieved a perfect score of 50 on the test. However, Fitzpatrick finished his exam in nine minutes! That has got to be a record.

– via

that is insane. last year eli manning scored pretty well on the wonderlic. alex smith, who everyone touted as extremely smart for graduating in two years by bringing high school/AP credits, got a 40, but it doesnt say how long it took him to take the test (i’m guessing there’s a time limit though).

for contrast, frank gore, the miami RB, scored a 6, of course he has, and has overcome, a learning disability. but there’s a reason (scientific or not) that the only times you really hear people talk wonderlic scores is when someone is off the charts or the person who took it is a QB.

i doubt they need the money, but don’t you think wonderlic could make some money around nfl draft time by offering a scaled down, mini, web version of their test? i mean, i think i’d pay up to $5 to see how i stack up theoretically (because i wouldnt be taking the actual wonderlic test) with nfl prospects.

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TV = brains!

Posted by seoulfully on April 25th, 2005

The New York Times > Magazine > Watching TV Makes You Smarter

okay, it’s a bit of a long read for internet reading (at least for me) at 5 pages, but it’s definitely interesting. though i have a few issues. the author cites “intelligent” shows that are intelligent for the dialog, etc, like “murphy brown,” “frasier,” etc where the intelligence is derived from spoon fed smarts.

intelligence arrives fully formed in the words and actions of the characters on-screen. They say witty things to one another and avoid lapsing into tired sitcom cliches, and we smile along in our living rooms, enjoying the company of these smart people. But assuming we’re bright enough to understand the sentences they’re saying, there’s no intellectual labor involved in enjoying the show as a viewer.

then he goes on to say that in a lot of not so deep shows/movies, there is a convention put into the action to help explicitly explain the action. then he moves onto shows like “West Wing” and “ER” and how they don’t tell you all the information. He even puts an example of medical dialog from ER in. and he says how there is almost no effort to explain all the medical jargon.

okay, that was all setup for my point. i completely agree that a lot of scripted dramas have multiple story arcs, multiple character arcs, and they are intertwining them artfully. and yes, i agree that this makes television viewing a little more of a mental task than it’s usually stamped as being. but my issues with this essay are two-fold. (1) how many people are going to care exactly what all the medical jargon means on ER? doesn’t ER intelligence arrive “fully formed in the words and actions of the characters on-screen?” don’t ER producers assume “we’re bright enough to understand the sentences they’re [doing, and the consequence of the scene]?” i’ve watched frasier. not my favorite sitcom ever, but it had multiple story/character arcs. why is ER so much better (not acting, story, etc, but in the context of this article), so much “smarter?”

my second point would be to say that these complex storylines with multiple arcs are exactly what a lot of people complain/worry about. that they will leave new viewers lost and confused about what’s going on (for arcs that span episodes or the entire season). i hope it’s not the beginning of a trend, but “desparate housewives” aired what was billed as a primer show. to get new viewers all caught up with all the storylines, so they wouldn’t be confused, etc.

oh, and a minor, tiny, third point. he says “joe millionaire” is better “bad tv” than “battle of the network stars.” now i’ve only seen a few of those, and it was when i was a mere child. but i watch ESPN’s “battle of the gridiron stars” and love it. who wouldn’t want to see like nbc’s “law and order” team versus cbs’s “csi” squad? or “ER” versus “grey’s anatomy”? this would be so great! they could do theme teams (as i’ve just demonstrated), or time slot competitions. oh course this wouldn’t happen because what network would allow their stars on another network’s “sports” special? (oh, and yes, i also loved hanna barbara’s laff-alympics, when i was young.)

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Dog crazy?

Posted by seoulfully on April 25th, 2005

not Dog show mom’s and dad’s – though this law should be applied to those ppl

wow, these italians are serious about their dogs! requiring walking, but not in a way to “tire the animal too much.” wow, i take my little dog running, he gets way tired, but he loves it. he’s also ridiculously skinny now. i think i’m cutting back on his running days (maybe upping mine).

btw, those people in showdogs moms and dads are absolutely nuts. and for the record, i’m against dogs (pets in general) dressed as humans.

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drunk (blank)-ing

Posted by seoulfully on April 21st, 2005

being drunk and stupid

this is so funny. my my my, the evolution of social behavior. went from being drunk and stupid to people around you, to drunk dialing, to drunk digital pics that are emailed the next day, to drunk cameraphone pics emailed that night, to drunk texting, to drunk blackberrying (i read a whole article about the blackberry booty email and how pervasive it is, or was, in DC), and the capper: the drunk intunes purchases! how funny is that? i wish more people were connected via rendezvous (oops, bonjour), and everyone made their purchased music playlist shareable, so everyone could see the drunk purchases. i don’t drunk dial, txt, etc. of course i don’t really ever get that drunk.

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Posted by seoulfully on April 21st, 2005 Free Music Downloads

umm title tells it all. amazon has music free for download. not just little indie bands/groups/artists, but a reflection of the top 200 downloads on i need to add a music category…

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L.A. Daily News – Auto News

Posted by seoulfully on April 20th, 2005

L.A. Daily News – Auto News via

i firmly believe that the feverish consumerism that has taken grip of this country the past few years is a bad thing (even though you ask most people who know me and they’d tell you i’m a part of that trend. which i dispute, but only to a small degree), as well as the obsession with the rich and the famous (this is another argument for a swing back to the 80s, like the post about clothes from a few days back [note one day i’ll get ambitious and make links within the posts]). but damn, it must be nice to have that kind of money.

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Jay-Z ipod or watch

Posted by seoulfully on April 20th, 2005

Jay-Z Partners with Audemars Piguet to Make New Watches – Luxist –

personally i’d rather the jayz ipod over the watch, nothing against AP watches, they are nice, but not really my style.