– ‘Brokeback’ screening lands prison officer in hot water – Apr 8, 2006

okay, so here’s the summary intro paragraph/sentence from this article:

A Massachusetts correctional officer is being disciplined for showing the gay cowboy movie “Brokeback Mountain” to inmates at the state’s largest prison because his boss determined that the film includes content inappropriate for a prison setting.

this is from a reuters wire article. reuters is a news organization like the AP (though mostly a secondary/international source in the US). Here’s my problem with it. it’s all fun and games for comedians, late-night talk show hosts, etc etc etc to make the almost obligatory brokeback mountain jokes. to stereotype it as the “gay cowboy movie” when it’s not a gay cowboy movie. but to put the term “gay cowboy movie” in the lead of the article, that goes around the world?!?! that just propagates the whole problem. gives legitimacy to it, when it shouldn’t be.

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