San Francisco guide to New York neighborhoods | overstated

SF and NYC are on the short list of places I’d want to live. Here’s a handy dandy guide to matching the neighborhoods up. I have no idea how much this reflects reality. But whatevs. By the way, can’t get a real good burrito in DC/NoVA either….

via Kottke

2 Responses to “Two places I’d live”

Just to make a point, you can’t get a good burrito (or any half decent Mexican) in most of the country. You’re pretty much relegated to LA, SF, and SD. Once you get east of that it becomes Tex-Mex and thus crap.

As to DC specifically, it’s because you’re being served Salvadorean passed off as Mexican.

I’m originally from Texas and while I didn’t eat it every meal, I have to say how much I miss Tex-Mex being in the DC/NoVA area.

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