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Posted by seoulfully on November 30th, 2007

This goes too far.

People now want a slimmed down Santa.

Umm, I don’t see any kids growing up saying “I want to grow up and be fat like Santa”.  In fact, while I agree healthy habits need to be fostered early in life, how does having a skinny Santa change that?  I think this is ludicrous.  It’s just another way to find something else to blame for what is fundamentally a (in the case of a child) parental problem.  Yes it costs more (not really) and takes more time to prepare healthy snacks and meals than to toss your kid a Happy Meal, but its the parents’ responsibility to their children to do so.


Posted by seoulfully on November 29th, 2007


Cool, but perhaps ulitimately useless.  I guess the money example’s good.  but the reservations, I mean I guess you don’t have to write the restaurant’s info because you kept the card and just wrote a reminder on the pock-it.  Dunno.  It’s neat nonetheless… like the Post-It wall I posted about way back when.


Need help achieving your goals?

Posted by seoulfully on November 29th, 2007

Put some money on it.

Coming soon a website (StickK) that lets you do it.  Set a goal, if you don’t achieve you pay a set amount (payment to go to charity).  The example they give is weight loss.  Regardless of what the goal is, this is perfect for me.  I’m at my best, most disciplined self when something’s actually on the line.  And my money is a pretty good motivating factor.  In any money based competition (e.g. recently had a bet with some buddies who could lose the most weight in a month, $50/head into the pool, winner takes all… yes I won, I CRUSHED), I get as much satisfaction from keeping my money as I do from getting the winning money.

Sharing is caring

Posted by seoulfully on November 29th, 2007

Sharing gameplay between couples. This is an article about a woman who shared a character with her boyfriend.  Only to find that he played without her when she went out of town.  And how annoyed it made her initially.

I’ve read similar articles about Netflix.  Where people are watching a series or have their queue of movies they want to see, one half of the couple is unavailable or whatever, and the other goes on without.  It’s an interesting thing.  Which is why I don’t share my stuff with the girlfriend.  She can have her own profile/queue/character.  I’m more than willing to do things together (game, watch movies/tv series), but you have to have your own stuff.  Even if you also have “joint” things.  Haha, same goes for bank accounts!

Fake snow

Posted by seoulfully on November 28th, 2007

Okay so Bearfire Resort, located near Dallas, TX, is going to have a huge mountain of fake snow.  Not manmade snow, but some weirdo plastic polymer franken-snow.

Fake snow. via core77 via geekologie

Interesting design links

Posted by seoulfully on November 28th, 2007

I should separate this into two posts, so as to watch my blog grow, but whatever.

Business card calendar design challenge. – An interesting challenge to fit a year’s calendar on a business card in a legible way.  Lot of the designs have overlapping features, but all pretty good.

Pentagram 2008 Typography Calendar. – Just going to copy/paste the description.

Kit Hinrichs has designed Pentagram’s 2008 Classic Typographic Calendar using twelve typefaces designed by typographer Matthew Carter including Walker (originally designed in 1995 for the Walker Art Center), Snell Roundhand (a 1966 revival of 17th century English writing master Charles Snell) and Galliard (a 1978 anthology of Roman and Italian styles of French punch-cutter Robert Granjon). “I wanted to bring a new awareness of typographic design through this calendar,” said Hinrichs. “Typefaces are pervasive in our daily lives in everything we read and see around us and yet most people are oblivious of them or the circumstances in which they were created. We can gain a new perspective on our world by studying the origin of typefaces. I hope the calendar will encourage a new sensitivity to the importance of typeface usage and the work of Matthew Carter.”

Makes me hungry

Posted by seoulfully on November 28th, 2007

Profile of Momofuku’s David Chang.

I am more interested in Ssam Bar than the other Momofukus.  I tried to last time I was in NYC, but ran out of time.  David Chang seems like an interesting guy.  I can relate to some of what he says in the interview.

I’d consider it

Posted by seoulfully on November 28th, 2007

Engagement ring shapes.

While the classic round brilliant cut is still the most popular, apparently square cuts are en vogue.  I’m aways away from considering any of this, and I’m a classic style kind of guy, so round brilliant still my preferred choice, but asscher cut very nice as well.

edit: After a little looking, it’s round, cushion, Asscher.  If the Tiffany Novo (below) wasn’t so expensive it might cut in before the Asscher.

Tiffany Novo


Posted by seoulfully on November 27th, 2007

AIDS entered the US in 1969.

Wow.  Everyone thinks it was in the 80s.  As one of the researchers said:

“It is somehow chilling to know it was probably circulating for so long under our noses,” Worobey said


Less about community, more about conformity

Posted by seoulfully on November 27th, 2007

Serious About Style – NY Sun

I’m unabashedly a member (participating in varying degrees) of many of the forums listed in this article.  I don’t know if it’s a function of a certain kind of person looking for what they want joining or a group mentality thing, but many of these forums are a lot about conforming to their particular look.  I suppose that brings a sense of community.  And like any long time community, harder for new people to break into them.  They are an invaluable resource.  It’s just important to keep yourself yourself, rather than just fall lockstep into the aesthetic of the forum.