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Posted by seoulfully on November 27th, 2007

Girl Scout cookies

Posted by seoulfully on November 27th, 2007

Here’s the Girl Scout cookies in order of healthiest to least.

  1. Cafe Cookies (five er serving) contain little saturated fat.

  2. Trefolis have 150 calories per serving (five cookies).

  3. Little Brownies (four per serving) are sugar-free.

  4. Thin Mints (four per serving) have the same amount of sugar and fat as two-cookie serving of Samoas.

  5. Do-Si-Dos (two per serving) are low in saturated fat.

  6. Tagalongs (two per serving) are high in fat, but it’s mostly the good, unsaturated kind.

  7. All Abouts (two per serving) are also low in saturated fat.

  8. Thanks-A-Lot (two per serving) have the same number of calories as twice as many Thin Mints.

  9. Lemonades (two per serving) have four grams of saturated fat.

  10. Samoas (two per serving) have high amounts of fat and sugar.

Via Real Simple via That’s Fit. 

Thin Mints and Tagalogs are my cookies of choice.  Not too bad on this scale.  I can do the Samoas to a degree, but not too much.  Not because they are apparently unhealthy, but more because I’m not a coconut guy.

In case you forgot what’s what in the world of Girl Scout cookies, here’s a handy dandy guide.

Easy as 1-2-3

Posted by seoulfully on November 27th, 2007

J5 is back!

Not Jurassic 5, the Jackson 5.

The group, which included Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael, and later younger brother Randy, stopped touring in the ’80s when Michael and little sister Janet became superstars in their own right. The Jackson Five officially disbanded in 1990.

The Jackson 5 didn’t officially disband until 1990!??!?!

Sideshow Bob’s an idiot

Posted by seoulfully on November 27th, 2007

Varejao wants out of Cleveland –

First of all, it’s the BEST basketball situation he’ll likely EVER be in, playing with Lebron.  Second, no matter how important the Cavs told him he was, there’s not a single person on the planet, except himself, who thinks Anderson Varejao is worth anything in the vicinity of $10-11M/year.  Hell with what he brings to the table, he’s not worth half of that.  I’m all for paying guys who are glue guys.  Who do the things that don’t show up on the stat sheet, but are important.  But unless you bring something else to the table as well, forget getting anything like what Varejao wants.

Home wars

Posted by seoulfully on November 27th, 2007

So Oprah announced she’s going to back Barak Obama.  Pat Robertson endorsed Rudy Guiliani.  Time to make sweeping generalizations about their core demographics!  Yay.  So it sets up the war in the homes of middle Americans everywhere!  Yes everyone has their own vote (ooh, who has more pull?  Oprah to get her fans to go vote for Barak [heck do they trust her political candidate choices as much as her friggin’ book club choices?] or Pat to get his “parishioners” to go vote for Rudy?), but it has to bring up some tension in the home once the race ramps up.  Of course this also presumes that the fans of these two are mindless lemmings that do whatever their leader says to do.  And I don’t think that (for the most part).

damn skinny

Posted by seoulfully on November 26th, 2007

Role reversal –

In stark contrast, it’s the men who want to be slender, vulnerable and protected. Young males between the ages of 18 and 30 make up the slimmest segment of the population and the ideal fashion weight as decreed by the apparel industry is 57 kilograms, or about 125 pounds, for a height of 175 centimeters, or 5 feet 8 inches. Many men try to adhere to that figure and some claim they want to be even skinnier.

Both Shirakawa and his girlfriend like the fact that she weighs more than he does, and is the leader of the couple. “She’s a lot stronger than I am, can lift heavy things and go drinking until dawn. I admire that about her, and feel protected when I’m around her,” he said. Older than he by five years, it was Shirakawa’s girlfriend who made the approach, started the dating process and decided what course their relationship would take.

“Frankly, I think women should be in the driver’s seat. Society and relationships work better that way,” he said. Shirakawa likes to wear his girlfriend’s clothes and often shows up for work wearing her blouse and jeans, to the general approval of his co-workers.

Hirayama said: “For young men, wearing women’s clothes has almost become a status symbol – a confirmation of being slim and pretty and, therefore, desirable. Young women, on the other hand, are less interested now in looking beautiful for the benefit of young men. They dress up for themselves, for their own satisfaction.”

Where to go

Posted by seoulfully on November 21st, 2007

I snagged this off Kottke.  Hmm, maybe there’s an idea.  My blog can just be Kottke’s a day late!  Yeah, maybe not.

The Zagat History of My Last Relationship

by Noah Baumbach

Almost already missed a day

Posted by seoulfully on November 21st, 2007

Jeez, the rebirth of (This Might Interest) Maybe just me was almost short lived.

Umm, here’s Gladwell’s latest piece from the New Yorker about criminal profilers.

What I take from it (gross oversimplification here) is that they are nothing more than palm readers.

Happy Thanksgiving folks.  If I bother finishing setting up my computer (I installed Leopard on my PowerBook last night) (i.e. download and installing ecto) perhaps I’ll blog over the holiday break.  Not to say no ecto prohibits me from blogging since I’ll have wifi accessibility.  Hmm, maybe I’ll jump onto Twitter for real this weekend, and figure out a way to update my twitter to my blog.  Since it’s easier for me to twitter via my phone when I’m not in a wifi hotspot, than to blog… ugh, already too complex.

edit: Kottke doing the Twitter already!  Can’t lift any more than I already do from the man himself, so no Twitter on the blog.

I want this

Posted by seoulfully on November 20th, 2007

Dog cam.

This isn’t the first doggie cam.  And there’s a tutorial floating around the internet (a few actually) that show how to make one (though they cost about the same as this).  Or you could just buy a spy camera and attach it to your pet’s collar.

It’d be interesting just to see what Monty does all day.  If you see a new link to “Monty’s Flickr” in my header links, you know I broke down.

Kottke links

Posted by seoulfully on November 20th, 2007

Links from  Some older, some newer, I’ve not been to Kottke in awhile, so just things that caught my interest.  I might break some of these out into their own posts, maybe not.

NYU students are materialistic! -NYU students would exchange their vote for an iPod Touch or a free ride to NYU.  Half said they’d give up their right to vote FOREVER for $1 million.  Disenfranchisement for an amount that wouldn’t even buy a 1 bedroom condo in the city they go to school.  Even exchanging their vote, for an iPod?!  I love Apple, and my iPod (I don’t have a Touch, but I do own an iPhone).  But trade my vote for one?

Ninety percent of the students who said they’d give up their vote for the money also said they consider voting “very important” or “somewhat important”; only 10 percent said it was “not important.” Also, 70.5 percent said they believe that one vote can make a difference – including 70 percent of the students who said they’d give up their vote for free tuition.

Yeah, real important.  So important that’d you sell it away…

Musical roads. – The Japanese develop roads that play melodys when being traversed at certain speeds.  I’m quite certain I’d find this annoying and speed to avoid it.  If they want to discourage speeding, they should make a road that generates an annoying tone at high speeds.

Okay, I had like 6 Kottke links, but as I was writing this post, decided not to put them here.  Two is enough.