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Off the CHARTS!

Posted by seoulfully on April 17th, 2008

So there’s a new cocktail tomato: the STRAMATO!  Some Frankfruit, genetically engineered monstrosity (just kidding, I’d eat them) that is the ungodly lovechild of a strawberry and a tomato.  Who’s sweetness not only tops other cocktail tomatoes, it is simply off the charts, immeasurably sweet!  Not just off the charts, but break the m-f’in’ chart all to hell with the ever rising level of sweetness.  (Actually doesn’t sound all that good anymore).



Don’t know if miniature schnauzer is even an option

Posted by seoulfully on April 16th, 2008

What dog breed are you? I'm a Jack Russell Terrier! Find out at

Jack Russell Terrier

The Artist

You, my friend, are an artiste! Fuelled by a hounding sense of creativity and an untameable desire to express yourself, you see the world through rose-colored glasses one day and then wrestle the curtains closed and turn off the lights so you can ponder life the next. Your dog-eared journal is filled with brilliant ideas about rescuing the universe, yet you have trouble training your noggin on any one of them for any significant amount of time. Your originality occasionally manifests itself as performance art, and you love showing off your amazing athletic abilities in front of an audience. When it comes to taking on the leader of the pack, you’re not afraid to sink your teeth in – and won’t loosen your grip until you’ve gotten your point across.

Because the web and blogs probably encourage exaggeration

Posted by seoulfully on April 16th, 2008


I am a very busy and important man. I don’t need to tell you this. The shit I have to deal with every day would make your pubes turn white. Check it: While dictating that last sentence I did something complicated in Excel and pleasured my ex-wife the way that makes her cry and call her mother. OK?

Terrific. Point is, I’m all about maximum efficiency. E.g., I use “e.g.” instead of for example. It’s just faster, and classier.

That’s right, all of written word.  The rest of the article on the perfect length for pop songs found here.  Including this gem of a sentence: “It’s a mere two seconds longer but feels like it drags on for hours.”

By the way, as per usual, thanks to Kottke.

Time to use all of our knowledge

Posted by seoulfully on April 16th, 2008

This is no time to be prejudiced one versus the other.  Use the Doomsday vault (f the seeds, save the people) kind of like Deep Impact.  And then hire the world’s best deep core driller and his team (because astronauts “don’t know jack about drilling” and you know drilling is “an art… a science” [who wrote that dialog?  Why do I even like this movie?]) to fly to the asteroid and plant a nuke (because we can’t just shoot it because that would be like shooting a speeding train with a beebee gun) like Armageddon.

1 in 450!  You have less a chance of winning the lottery than you do of an asteroid hitting the earth in 2036.  Which isn’t ALL that far off.  All that has to happen is the asteroid hit one of the 40,000 satellites around Earth.  I wonder if space trash counts, because we have a LOT of it.  Though an envelop of dust, like “nuclear winter” might help cool the planet from all the global warming (I kid, though there’s an argument for putting more particles in the atmosphere, similar to the particles we used to output with leaded gasonline, to help reflect radiation, etc. but that’s a whole other post.)

AND… umm… &… ampersand

Posted by seoulfully on April 15th, 2008

Another Kottke goldmine!

The history of the ampersand.

One day I’ll code a window/frame to load kottke within my blog and just say, “Check out kottke today!”  Til then I hope you continue to click my blog, instead of hitting the source.  Well not instead of.  In addition to.

Roll your own

Posted by seoulfully on April 15th, 2008

Maybe I’ll start creating my own graphs, infographics now.


I’ve not tried it yet, but give me a bit.  It’s kind of like MuxTape.  I blogged, I’m interested, I’ll try eventually.


Edit: I just looked at the make your own.  Alright it sucks.  Carry on with your day.  I was hoping for tools you could enter data and they’d pop out cool graphs and such, but nah.  Just blank templates for snarky “observations”/data.

Superman = America in Iraq

Posted by seoulfully on April 15th, 2008

and not in a good way.  That’s not the premise of this critique of Superman, but what I came away with

Why Superman Will Always Suck

thanks to the kottke.

Design post of the day

Posted by seoulfully on April 14th, 2008

Of the day implies it’s daily, which is a total lie, but I’m sticking with the title.

Test your font knowledge.  I suck. – The Rather Difficult Font Game

A review of excellent title sequences. – The Art of the Title Sequence

Links courtesy of Kottke and DaringFireball.


Posted by seoulfully on April 12th, 2008

I don’t have a comprehensive knowledge of these things.  Don’t really remember who’s who.  But for the first time I can remember, a Ms. Texas has won one of the beauty pageants, Ms. USA.  I have vague memories of Ms. Texas’s often making the final 10 or 5, but I don’t have much memory of them winning it all.  So congrats to Ms. USA 2008, Crystal Stewart.

What’s “worse”

Posted by seoulfully on April 11th, 2008

video game poll

wow…. decapitation just under gay kissing.  Not gay sex, just kissing.  Sheesh.