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Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-08-22:

Posted by seoulfully on August 22nd, 2008
  • – Memes runnin’ wild #
  • @kpereira perhaps you do and i just don’t know, but you should most definitely have a dennis miller style rant like this one every week #
  • @kpereira fuckin’ mcribs were the best! #
  • @peterrojas who’s russell brand? time to google/wiki #
  • @danbenjamin given the crazy rain, here’s to hoping you actually get your zi6 as scheduled. #
  • @holydee on every holy in my life, i need those cards, by the THOUSANDS #
  • restore in itunes seemed to have solved my iphone connection issues so far #
  • tweeting just to lose the annoucement of new blog post from my status #
  • fortune from cookie after downing sugar, sodium, msg for lunch: Good health will be yours for a long time. #
  • i guess restore didn’t solve my 3g connection issues. #
  • btw, along with nytimes, i’m convinced apple’s homepage is optimized for iphone, but designed to look like regular web homepage #
  • most mobile sites loading, albeit slowly. #
  • – I guess AT&T really wants 2.0.2 to clear up connection issues #
  • via @truehoop slamming rogge for slamming usain #
  • this time of day = coffee + lolcatz #
  • I need a tada list iPhone app! #
  • at costco finished shopping eat a crap slice of pizza that tastes like America! #
  • @kpereira are you going to wear a neck brace or something on AOTS #
  • rockin’ the 50/1.4 to walk around with for a few days know my 24-70 covers the same range with near the same sharpness, but easier to carry #
  • @peterrojas after that vid of the guy stuck in the elevator for 41 hours or whatever, elevator industry is pretty interesting #
  • @guykawasaki still think they should be burned in a big pile in public squares #
  • i kind of want an indo board, but i know it’d only keep me entertained for roughly 8 minutes #

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I’m not a food snob

Posted by seoulfully on August 22nd, 2008

Not really.  I can taste the difference between quality food and mass produced things.  Eating crap food usually gives me all sorts of ills.  I don’t begrudge chains.  Yeah food is mediocre and overly sweet, salty, fat filled.  But that’s also why they are generically good.  Maybe things don’t taste awesome, but they taste good in a comfortable way.  So I still go to chains and such.  But this Esquire piece reviewing Outback Steak house (the review ends saying it’s not bad), has the following passage:

The clientele was much like you’d find in any mall food court: freaking enormous. Roll after roll of body fat stuffed into XXL T-shirts and baggy blue jeans. But everyone seemed to be having a grand old time, scarfing platters of cheese fries and baby-back ribs, their piggy children stuffing themselves with Boomerang Cheese Burgers from the “Joey Menu.” (emphasis added)

That passage ALONE makes me want to shun Outback and mall food courts and chain, Americana, “‘s” restaurants (e.g. Applebee’s, TGIFriday’s, etc.).  Despite the “grand old time” it strikes me as this is the exact kind of person I DON’T want to be.  (Nevermind that I almost am already.)

Will I still go to chain places?  Yes.  Will I do it with the same frequency I do now (rarely)?  Nope.

Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-08-21:

Posted by seoulfully on August 21st, 2008
  • @kpereira the cropped look is nice man. ain’t no thing, it grows back, though being a TV personality i suppose a bigger deal #
  • @sidneylo yeah i might. i get no signal a ton, then full 3g, etc. for actual phone signal 2.0 was the best for me. but who knows why #
  • OH MOTHERFUCKING CRAP, just bought 2 busy sync licenses by accident #
  • student loan payment just went up this month.. sigh #
  • @ayn honestly it was one of those idiot things, i dont know how it got 2 in the number of license part. #
  • picking songs to back video is not an easy task #
  • doing stuff in imovie makes me want to use iphoto (i dont save jpgs only raw, jpgs to flickr). i guess jobs wins #
  • @holydee boo. mac ftw! actually while i prefer macs, i’m not a windows hater. and i don’t even pc game #
  • i really want that kodak zi6, but i may just wait until my next trip or something, no need to pick it up for random vids of the doggie. #
  • oh, and that flip video waterproof case, while having a stupid design flaw, is great. gotten much use out of it this summer #
  • the lack of willpower i’m displaying lately is simply stunning #
  • @danbenjamin i forget if you have the ultra too, or if that was just @gruber, at any rate i look forward to reading or hearing about it #
  • i want to buy a bodum double walled glass beaker just to hold the coffee i make, i don’t want the actual full on french press #
  • failing miserably in my attempt to rate my music as it plays. i guess i’ll auto-rate it. though it is very imperfect #
  • @danbenjamin i’m the same way with a buddy of mine. never fails, one buys, the other follows. tvs, macs, ipods, movies, etc #
  • @danbenjamin for me and buddy, overlapping interests + vocal enthusiasm = dual purchases #
  • I just had to do a hard reset (not turn off and on, just hold home and power til it shut off) to get 3g to work on my iPhone #
  • ANOTHER hard reset to try to fix 3g. going to do a restore today when i get home #
  • why do so many women love lotion with such STRONG, overpowering scents? #
  • just did a restore of iphone and now itunes keeps hanging when i try to sync. oh well #
  • @kpereira please say you are going to sigourney in alien, natalie in v for vendetta her. she’s hot as is, but would be awesome #
  • anyone know how to delete synced mail accts from itunes (extra email addys in info pane of iphone in itunes) #
  • Trying to eat my bodyweight in sushi. #

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Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-08-20:

Posted by seoulfully on August 20th, 2008
  • allyson fenix is attractive. the commentator is right, she has a slight hitch in her running, but i dont know if it’s natural or new #
  • where are the speedo LZR-like track and field suits? #
  • @sidneylo yeah, i just figure the limits of human body are close to being met, so shoes and clothes are the things that can be improved #
  • @sidneylo hey will your WAYWT exhibition ever be online? is it already, i’m not in touch with sufu that much if it’s already been noted #
  • does usain bolt EVER run hard? does he ever have to? #
  • @iamshimone f yeah, 100% of my twitter spam today were those 6figureteam bitches #
  • Today’s goal: rate every song I listen to on my iPhone. #
  • CRIKEY, usain, insane, whatever all the rhymes and poems, that WR seemed unassailable, but diam #
  • @holydee seriously, it exploded after @veronica tweeted it. but as a meme it thankfully rose and fell very quickly. #
  • @kpereira all about the tweet daily digest on the blog, a short, if imperfect solution #
  • via @consumerist, already christmas trees (fake ones obv) on sale. in AUGUST. #
  • i need to really learn when i’m full and when i’m full in my head. former fat kid rules my apetite too much #
  • so jacked up… #
  • oh last tweet was via nymag re: mtv new model contest #
  • retweet @myzuk godfather i and ii back on the big screen… so great #
  • post 2.0.2 i’ve not been able to pull up a full non mobile website on my iphone over 3g other than the NYT site #
  • btw, convinced the nyt site is iphone optimized, but made to look like the normal site #
  • i dont have a huge legion of followers, but i still have 1 mangayourface icon in the group.. #

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Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-08-19:

Posted by seoulfully on August 19th, 2008
  • @ryanblock “do it like this” “you’re doing it all wrong” #
  • @ryanblock “to get on engadget…” #
  • @peterrojas boo riaa. love me some muxtape. i like for the same rzn i like, more varied selections than pandora’s math #
  • on my run tonight, stopped at a playground and despite a fairly regular regimen of pullups found myself having a hard time on the monkeybars #
  • how is it that a vid podcast from itunes store wont play on the iphone? not talking HD here either #
  • @fimoculous a screen protector, but kind of what you were talking about re: mirror #
  • – Wow he’s deep in that cushion #
  • I can’t believe ping pong err table tennis has to shag their own balls #
  • @danbenjamin keep it locked down and stay safe #
  • in praise of joe, a poem about coffee: via @slashfood #
  • – yoyoing featured in the nyt today #
  • err yesterday #
  • @LindsayG this seems right up your and @kpb’s alleys: #
  • @LindsayG save your money, roll your own, #
  • @CarolLiang dude, you have to take better care of yourself. #
  • @gruber man, that’s the smell of AMURHICUH!!!! #
  • argh, in the last day i’ve gotten like 7-10 twitter spammers following me… block block block there needs to be a block option in the email #

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Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-08-18:

Posted by seoulfully on August 18th, 2008
  • @peterrojas i got one from twinkle, ostensibly from a friend, though he says he never sent it #
  • @LindsayG – photographer’s bill of rights (pdf link) #
  • @LindsayG more stuff on photo rights also here’s some polaroid manipulation techs: #
  • @danbenjamin bacchus-F was always too fruity, i prefer the slightly medicinal tasting baccus-D #
  • @danbenjamin as far as i’m aware the primary (sole) difference is the taste. #
  • @danbenjamin bwahahahaahah #
  • @gruber yes you can set a different reply to address that you can pick when sending email #
  • just got the fail whale… #

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Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-08-17:

Posted by seoulfully on August 17th, 2008
  • street kings is kind of like a crazier training day #
  • popcorn buff chicken bits plus half bag of baked lays all at 1am = stomachache and self-loathing #
  • Delaware fucking sux #
  • iPhone map gps >>>>> highway signs #
  • I hate shitty highway signs that articially funnel you into bullshit small towns. Ugh #
  • @CarolLiang fan of darjeerling but Anderson gets more and more wrapped up in his worlds #
  • Boo edge only at the DE beaches #
  • Ridic obnoxious kid next to me yelling out each and every fucking move in her UNO game. #
  • – Really? The most racially cartoony typeset for a sushi joint #
  • @LindsayG I’ve been asked to stop taking pics in many many stores. It’s annoying and I’m not sure how enforceable #
  • I really need to redo some playlist ish for the phone #

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Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-08-16:

Posted by seoulfully on August 16th, 2008
  • there isn’t a better technology for track and field/gymnastics numbers than safety pins and tyvek? #
  • rewteet @MacDivaONA i no longer think i can eat michael phelps daily diet: #
  • @LindsayG so very admirable, i bring workout gear on trips, very rarely does it get used… #
  • OMG phelps… i swear it didn’t look like it was going to happen #
  • WOW #
  • holy shit that slow mo shot was amazing #
  • @danbenjamin yep, it is. #
  • – mike vick is in a bad place, and where the F was his agent during all of this? #
  • sad i’m not getting the live olympic feed at work #
  • @LindsayG i will go home… in like 7 hours. so so sad. #
  • maybe bc i’m working, but despite beautiful weather, i feel like sprawling on the couch, curtains drawn, and taking in a a movie. #
  • but i should take advantage of weather. though by the time i leave the office, the sun will already be starting to go down #
  • @javabeans rock the michael phelps 12k diet for the day. eat it all #
  • 90% sure i’m picking up madden 09 on the way home from the office. chance i play it more than 10 times before madden 2010 comes out = 5% #
  • – Jack A. Weil reported inventor of what we now know as the “pearl snap shirt” RIP #

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Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-08-15:

Posted by seoulfully on August 15th, 2008
  • I did my best to do a michael phelps dinner. I don’t deelso good nowhaha #
  • @danbenjamin nice dan. with you and @gruber having them, i expect to hear a few mins on it in TTS. #
  • fed, venus, serena all out of the olympics? sheesh #
  • @danbenjamin that’s great! look forward to it. did you guys both get black? or white? one each? #
  • @tstarks33 acquiring now. if it sucks, you owe me $5 #
  • @tstarks33 there are plenty of movies I like and $5 is the disappoint @seoulfully tsc #
  • @joshuatopolsky ooh g4 towers would work well as my “media server” hmmm #
  • surprise surprise, a probowl vet signs with the patriots (though i thought lynch might go to the colts, given dungy) #
  • – i should put monty on my next device, since it’s apparently do-able, and been done #
  • Tris >>>> tetris. And not just bc it’s free #
  • @danbenjamin i’m assume firmware 347 and not 345. i’m pretty sure since the second wave of inventory it was 347 #
  • @CarolLiang oh yeah? it’s jcrew’s “hip” line right? i want to take the woman there this weekend #
  • does anyone know if/where i can buy a lid without a press for a bodum 8 cup beaker? #
  • @danbenjamin oh yeah, 2.0.1… forgot that 345/347 was 2.0… enjoying the phone so far? #

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Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-08-14:

Posted by seoulfully on August 14th, 2008
  • i know it’s her name and all, but europe’s “carrie” is a crap song to play during a beach volleyball match #
  • @LindsayG so random and kind of gross, kind of neat. i’m not going to lie, i kind of want to buy it just to see. #
  • @gruber in imax i presume? #
  • @ayn not a question of if starbux sucks in china too. the question is does it taste the same? if so, they’re doing their job. #
  • ack! monty peed in our bed AGAIN this morning. AFTER i took him out. #
  • – carmelo anthony shouts out skype #
  • If I have a guest with somewhat limited English skills which is better: pineapple express or tropical thunder? #
  • – Looks like storms about to roll in over dc #
  • if i ever start a band (or maybe the title of a new blog) it’ll be either ampersand syntax or syntax ampersand. actual use of & as alt name #
  • @LindsayG what’s “ur”? uhrrrrr? errrr? haha, what’s a wiki, that’s funny. #

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