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Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-09-20:

Posted by seoulfully on September 20th, 2008
  • @myzuk monty is actually small for for a mini. #
  • after slight consideration, then verifying i’m still being churned, netflix NOT coming back on. fuck them #
  • apple replacing iphone 3g power adapters? sheesh #
  • it’s a safey concern but can’t exchange til 10.10 #
  • At a mid level sushi buffet but free wifi AND diggin the early to mid 90s music. #
  • SAFARI crashed my iphone #
  • rewatching “wanted” and jolie is just way too damn skinny, it’s off putting #
  • my backlog of in theatre movies is growing too fast #

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Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-09-19:

Posted by seoulfully on September 19th, 2008
  • whoa twitter, what’s all this different? #
  • gotta say, i really enjoy the MS “I’m a PC” ads. #
  • @LindsayG expect no less. #
  • @danbenjamin dallas mug would be better, i should send you dallas gear or something (quite a game, i expect eagles to be in it all season) #
  • @peterrojas & @ryanblock while it’s interesting and relevant and recent, i kind of do wish you had kept netbooks as the tease joke of gdgt #
  • F netflix! sponsoring this kind of challenge whilst throttling my account! #
  • @peterrojas & @ryanblock challenge: the 6 hour podcast. do it. DO IT. ppl will listen to the whole thing. #
  • @danbenjamin haha, i imagine twitpic/snaptweet of an eagles mug sitting on the broken shards of a cowboys mug. #
  • @danbenjamin, what are your thoughts on mcnabb? do you feel he’s back (but still a choke artist)? i don’t think he’s choker. #
  • i’m tempted to start my weekend now, but only a little while longer (and apparently there is some kind of taco party at 4) #
  • i’m going to venture that 90% of hand lotion women use is scented MUCH too strongly. sneezing like i’m breathing pepper or something #
  • @danbenjamin pretty reasonable support for mcnabb not a choke artist #
  • i want to read hodgeman’s books, “boys will be boys,” and start my DFW books. that’s a lot of pages to want to pour through #
  • @ayn not in the sense you mean and i’d like…. #
  • one more benefit of my latest apple store experience, i get to spend another 2 hours applying a back skin to the wife’s iphone (arghhh) #
  • Why can’t ppl walk in a straight line? #
  • I have no idea what the job entails but I find it mildly unacceptable that it’s past 5 and my mail is still in the process of being deli … #
  • official, dog likes wife more than me now. )= #

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Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-09-18:

Posted by seoulfully on September 18th, 2008
  • i like air share, but the pdf render is kind of an ocr, not the actual pdf. oh well #
  • Less than 24 hours into naked iPhone scratch on back. The silver apple hit too #
  • thanks for emailing me that you partnered with dell I totally and completely forgot the 5 emails yesterday telling me. #
  • as it was pretty cool this morning, i’m looking around for jackets for fall and coats for winter. #
  • my netflix acct has been on hold for at least 6 months, i considered activating, but i think i’m still being churned, so fuck them #
  • At founding farmers in dc for a qucik take out lunch. Will def come back seems really nice (suffering from keyboard lag badly on 2.1 iPhone) #
  • the bacon bit in my salad are literally 3/4″ thick, god i love this restaurant #
  • The side late harvest salad from founding farmers very good very large #
  • “She is Governor of the only state with two international borders – a land border with Canada and a maritime border with Russia.” )= #

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Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-09-17:

Posted by seoulfully on September 17th, 2008
  • apple store 2 FAIL claims it’s an att issue I’m at wits end #
  • @sidneylo fuckin’ no shit, man 3g has been nothing but bad experience after bad experience for me. it’s amazing #
  • HTC pro HD dream touch xtreme (or whatever the hell they’re calling it these days) + android here i come (when i can i pick one up unlocked) #
  • @LindsayG haha, no workout here either, rather i had fail apple store and gordon biersch, garlic fries are yum #
  • Naked iPhone feels sexy but I’m admittedly apprehensive about where I put it down. I didn’t baby iPhone 1 like this but metal vs glossy! #
  • btw, maybe i just haven’t paid attention, but i thought apple always changed in store displays to match stock, but i saw fatty nano posters #
  • @gruber in case you hadn’t found, sample vids (from canon) #
  • @gruber samples from dpreview #
  • @ayn haha, my blog is also 99% tweet digests… maybe i should have a weekly “selected tweets” or somethign #
  • @ayn maybe i’ll try doing it @ryanblock style and make the tweets a refreshing sidebar vs their own posts daily. #
  • before he died, i had planned on getting deep into DFW, i have a stack of 8-9 books to read, 4 of which are his, getting moved up to the top #

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No satisfaction

Posted by seoulfully on September 17th, 2008

So I’ve been having more than my share of iPhone problems. Suffice it to say they were slightly more than annoying and the 2.1 didn’t fix them. So I decided to take it to the genius bar to get a replacement. I had to do this with my 1g iPhone due to a bad battery. That time just walked up to the genius bar and they handed me a new phone.

So I thought I’d do that again. Walked to my local apple store. “Appointments only.” What? But the genius was nice enough to perform a restore on my secure deleted the night before iPhone. I was thankful because I didn’t have an appointment. Told me if I was still having problems to make an appointment and they’d take care of it.

So I went home and that night my problems were still evident. So I made an appointment with another apple store because it had a next day appointment.

So I went to my appointment with my iPhone and the SO’s iPhone, which was exhibiting slightly similar problems and some others. I was just expecting a replacement so I was in the midst of secure deleting her phone.

(I should mention here that in the comment section of my appointment I noted I went to the first apple store sans appointment and that they restored and I was having problems still and thought I might just need a replacement. I was upfront about it.)

So I go to my appointment tell the genius what’s going on. He tells me that in the future to not secure delete the phone prior to bringing it in so they can read the logs off the phone. He looks for signs of user damage (of which there is none, honestly). Asks me if I want to just replace both phones. I say yes. He heads to the back to presumably get replacements.

The genius comes back out and tells me they’ve decided that the problems sound like ATT issues and they can’t replace the phones. I can pretty much assure you, it’s not ATT issues I’m having. He tells me to go to AT&T (weird that sometimes iPhone auto corrects “att” to art and sometimes to AT&T) for a host of possible things.

Much like the iPhone buying experience I leave two stores in two days with zero new iPhones.

If you ask me they probably think I did something to my phone, hack, jailbreak, or otherwise. I’ve done none. I realize the need to read logs. And I have basic confidence that if I had brought in my phone with my info on it, apple would secure delete it too. But fuck that! I’m supposed to trade in my phone for a replacement without being 100% certain that all of my information is wiped securely from the phone?! No way no how no McCain as they say. Did I have anything important on it? No. But that’s not quite the point.

So I still have my crap iPhone. Maybe I’ll try again in the near future. Maybe I live with it. Maybe I try to get an unlocked android htc. Who knows.

(By the way, I wrote this on my iPhone and at least in the wordpress app, with 2.1, keyboard lag isn’t 100% solved. Ugh I have bad luck with the iPhone 3g)

Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-09-16:

Posted by seoulfully on September 16th, 2008
  • apple store/genius bar FAIL! have appt tomorrow at another location. fuckers, absolute fuckers #
  • @danbenjamin booooo dan. go Cowboys! #
  • @LindsayG the degree to which this iphone has caused me pain and unnecessary trips is ridiculous, hopefully tomorrow at tysons good things #
  • just watched the pilot of lipstick jungle (bc it was free), to test HD tv, lindsay price’s parents were adopted siblings #
  • YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! exactly what we needed to get phi back a little #
  • we are trying to keep them in the game with penalties. and the defense looks a split second off #
  • go rookie go! #
  • awww poor dallas defense, no rest #
  • @ayn not so much for me… )= haha, need the competition! #
  • oh my fears re: the defense are being realized #
  • oh god. highs and lows. highs and lows #
  • the most ridic sequence ever #
  • omg #
  • @CarolLiang haha, yeah, born and raised in TX, always affiliated with the boys (booo to the oilers) #
  • damn the refs are TERRRRRRRIBLE!!!!!!! #
  • that’s in #
  • but not worth challenging #
  • damn, what a hard hard runner the barbarian is #
  • torn betweening trying aperture or just using my poor PS skills (or i guess my old lightroom as well) #
  • big play #
  • BIG #
  • that was just great… it would’ve been great even if the boys had lost, just a great game all around (but f yeah cowboys!) #
  • admittedly cowboys got away with a lot of facemasks #
  • @technotheory it’s a good book. kind of simple but a good enough read #
  • when did it go from “hand-eye coordination” to “eye-hand coordination”? #
  • @joshuatopolsky dan benjamin’s review/search #
  • naked iphone feels sexy in my hand #
  • @gruber via @amyjane my palin baby name is: Shaver Razorback Palin #
  • @peterrojas talk it up in gdgt, i’m very interested #
  • going to use safari at home for the next week or two, just because #

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Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-09-15:

Posted by seoulfully on September 15th, 2008
  • so just looked at the gs cookie order form in the kitchen: here i get samoas (ftw) and not caramel de-lites. also new dulce de leche cookie #
  • @rblock, listening to gdgt002. if i had 5 xbox360’s that rrod’d, i’d give up on the platform, no matter what i thought of the games #
  • @rblock @peterrojas i’m convinced netbooks are going to be the running tease/joke of gdgt podcasts… #
  • i get a pause/skip in podcast playback in 2.1 when i move from menu to menu (e.g. ipod to home screen), doesn’t happen with music though #
  • i think i’m taking my iphone to the apple store to try to score a new one. my reception is TERRIBLE #
  • go try to exchange iphone and catch up to the cowboys game via tivo? or go do iphone stuff tomorrow? decisions decisions #
  • if/when i get new iphone, i want to just do a fresh install, rather than install from backup, but am sad to lose my high score idrops #
  • wtf @twitpic, where’s my pic, sent that mess nearly 20 minutes ago #
  • – This is going to apple store tonight #
  • – This is going to apple store tonight #
  • – This is going to apple store tonight #
  • secure erase says 2 HOURS on iphone, i thought it used to be 1… here’s to hoping faster so i can go to apple store before the dal/phil gam #
  • is there a kbd shortcut to hide skitch if you dont have it in the dock, but only menubar? #
  • hd itunes tv shows on atv are just okay pq #
  • still securely deleting… argh #

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Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-09-14:

Posted by seoulfully on September 14th, 2008
  • @LindsayG I like rocketbar #
  • @peterrojas what?!? Damn… #
  • Wedding photog didn’t turn off his pocket wizard or whatever and now have random flashes in the dining room even though he’s shooting dancin #
  • There are some dancin’ FOOLS put there. Wow. But kudos to the dj doing a bang up job #
  • @sidneylo I was amazed how well the integration of widescreen and IMAX full screen occurred #
  • @peterrojas b simmons made a point that they are coachable so at least fine but I didn’t watch tonight, but Brady manning were decemt #
  • @LindsayG i used to, but it got a little sad and then i stopped. now i check just every now and then #
  • so here we have a german style beer named after fidel Castro? #
  • has ANYONE completed more 3rd and ridic or 4th and ridic pass plays than brett favre? diam #
  • i just watched the only 15 minutes of gossip girl i think i’ll ever watch #
  • randy moss looking a bit like he’s about to toss it in on the matt cassel era #
  • @dcconcierge wonder how the uptown matches up to imax, esp for TDK, which has some imax footage #
  • WOW san diego… superchargers… #
  • just burned the HELL out of the top of my mouth #

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Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-09-13:

Posted by seoulfully on September 13th, 2008
  • @LindsayG i was disappointed in ray’s hell burger. my goto place (if only for proximity) is big buns grill in ballston #
  • @ryanblock haha well recording on thurs, mix for fri pm is quite the turnaround time, either way i really enjoy it, thanx for doing it #
  • MF-er! after update my icons are all out of order, i guess keeping place only happens POST 2.1 argh #
  • wow backup, sync is a lot faster in 2.1 now #
  • @danbenjamin moved up in equip pretty quick, the XTi is fairly new too right? #
  • @sidneylo i actually bought one of those waistband stretchers just for this situation (though i haven’t gotten new denim in a LONG time) #
  • MY DOG IS MISSING A NIPPLE! (or has an extra one) regardless, he has an odd number of nipples!!!!!! #
  • @ayn bah, who has that kind of time anymore? #
  • @ryanblock be careful what comes out on the other end of your cat AFTER oil-cured olives #
  • @danbenjamin for sure, my XTi is just over a year too, but waiting to see what RED announces before i look to upgrade, though staying cannon #
  • @DCTenor1 don’t forget the lyrics is much better than (not even sure if it was renewed) nbc’s the singing bee #
  • anyone know why i get a sms notification on my iphone when i receive email from a specific (and only one) contact? #
  • @DCTenor1 well is it impartial if it’s true? #
  • @guykawasaki come on nascar is the first site on f-1.alltop? #
  • Wedding photogs chimped every pic #

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Here’s what I tweeted on 2008-09-12:

Posted by seoulfully on September 12th, 2008
  • @LindsayG lucky ducky, i’ve been on the hunt for polaroid (and cam), but then having to “conserve” the film kind of takes away the fun #
  • i’m starving. all i’ve eaten today is a few handfuls of cashews. but it’s after 10 and i dont think i’m going to eat now. )= #
  • @ryanblock f yeah, i’ve missed album shuffle on my iphone. use some of that one of the most important in tech/gadget pull of yours… #
  • god palin was a hot mess in her interview with gibson. i’m glad it wasn’t just softballs from charlie #
  • you can see russia from alaska! oh, she’s got my vote #
  • she’s tossing out names of foreign heads of state left and right! SMART #
  • god i’ve seen HS debaters better than palin #
  • it’s clear they gave her 2 talking points per issues and she just repeats them over and over #
  • btw, remember, don’t blink! #
  • palin appears to suffer from dunning-kruger effect ( #
  • does 2.1 install wipe data (restore)? #
  • shake to shuffle in 2.1? #
  • @ryanblock & @peterrojas will there be a 2.1 addendum to gdgt002? (even though PR isn’t an iphone guy) #
  • i can listen (rather than watch) a lot of shows, movie, but you def lose a lot if you do that with “the office” #
  • 9.55 #
  • 2.1 update error (-19) argh #
  • itunes hangs, force quit, unplug iphone, start from scratch, now backing up to do a restore (rather than upgrade) per @iamshimone’s advice #
  • @sidneylo diam, just the iphone 3g. everything prior was golden! but yeah, this sucks #
  • @ayn this is one lawyer who embraces tech (though as an iphone guy, i’m not into the BB) #
  • ssssss-llllll-ooooo-wwwww backup before the restore to 2.1 (and i still have the wifey’s phone to do) #
  • damn, backup + restore + reload media = a damn long time #
  • @ayn i usually just update but @iamshimone’s advice from apple genius #
  • but i am restoring from the backup i made #
  • 2.1 isn;t that much faster installing my apps. sigh, i’m just resigning myself to having a shitty iphone experience #
  • though, admittedly, my itunes lib is on an ext drive and connecting to it wirelessly #
  • @iamshimone well i’m def doing it from now on, i have a lot of random probs now and then so worth the “clean install” #
  • 325/2074 much time remaining #
  • @peterrojas is it going to be late in the day like this one normally (not that i mind, just trying to plan my fri listening sched) #
  • wow, the number of twitter spammers following me grows every day. #
  • i enjoy mythbusters so much #
  • @sidneylo hence the reason i’ve kept my head buzzed for almost 5 years now #
  • @sidneylo but also i cut my hair more bc my mom was a barber once and i have vacuum clippers (no cleanup ftw) #
  • @DCTenor1 why? you are just as qualified as the potential (and let’s be honest if elected likely pres) VP, palin, as you are right now. #

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