• i dont have much desire to see crusoe (i pronounced it for most of my life ca-rue-soe) or W. #
  • well i kind of want to see W, but not go out to the theatre see W #
  • @kristenking i JUST ran past there #
  • @ayn they don’t want you to wash bc they don’t want the label to wash off! ha #
  • i know it’s the name of the group and blah blah, but still weird to see on my tivo info box of the tonight show “Black Kids perform” #
  • http://tinyurl.com/5w97t3 more info on that fincher nike football ad #
  • http://tinyurl.com/5j3op9 louis vuitton takes a walk in beijing, hk, and shanghai and narrates it #
  • @iamshimone did you read the history of McCain in rolling stone last (maybe this) month on iPhone or I’d find you the link. Crazy studf #
  • @politicoman this is why I love Twitter. Thanks #
  • still a month off but am going to rewatch casino royale #
  • damn you history channel hd making me want to double dip band of brothers #
  • degreeinpjs.com? are you serious? #

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