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Some Germans voted

Posted by seoulfully on January 24th, 2007

Die 100 Besten Schriften

I think that says 100 Best Fonts.  I’m not sure.  The list is for 100 fonts.  Who knows?  Not me.  I dislike how the site is set up.  Why make me click to see the font?  Ugh.  But since I like fonts and typography, here it is.

What did you learn this year?

Posted by seoulfully on December 28th, 2006

BBC Magazine – 100 Things We Learned This Year

Random list by the BBC of things we learned this year.  Though there are links to the info, some I remain dubious about (admittedly not having clicked through).

(And yes I realize that “So random even I don’t know what it is” would imply that I shouldn’t tag this post with other bits, but I didn’t read the whole 100 list and I’m leaving myself some grey area.)

gadget theft… sad

Posted by seoulfully on April 28th, 2005

The New York Times > Combating Gadget Theft

three things about this article. and no not a list, at least not in the sense i use lists on this site.

1. it’s sad to lose gadgets. whether theft, lost, etc.

2. poor poor gideon yago. hahaha, not laughing because he was a victim of a robbery, but let’s be honest, gideon yago gets his ipod stolen, not a big deal to him (though in all honesty, $10g worth of stuff must really suck, in addition to all the info on his computer, external hard drive etc).

3. it’s amusing, to me at least, that the guy in the picture is inserting or ejecting an old oasis disc “definitely maybe.”

(btw, i know the categories don’t appear by the post title in this theme, but take my word for it, a lot of my posts are in the ??? category as well as others. like this is in ???, electronics, and news. does it strike anyone else as odd that i would put things in “??? – random, even i dont know” and other defined categories at the same time? doesn’t or shouldn’t “??? – random, even i dont know” mean that i don’t know which category to put the post? i’m going to have to give some thought to my blog organization now.

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Things I Think I Think

Posted by seoulfully on April 20th, 2005
  1. I don’t understand why people leave the default settings on their computers for stylistic things. like is the picture of rolling hills (Windows XP default wallpaper) SO magnificent that you want to keep it your wallpaper? is the windows start and shutdown sounds so melodious that they will remain your startup and shutdown sounds forever?
  2. why don’t people know how to mute their electronics? i mean it’s usually a matter of no more than 3 clicks or button presses. is it really too much to do?
  3. why do so many smart people like to talk about how smart they are, but at the same time act overly humble or “unaware” of their intelligence? i mean isn’t this more annoying than the person is smart and is just arrogant and up front with that arrogance?
  4. do apple computer owners feel superior (i mean every day folks, not the rabid fanboys that most apple owners are… and yes, i’m an apple owner) while sitting in class in a sea of wintel notebooks? their apple logo glowing softly?
  5. it’s not as hard to think of and type this list while taking notes as well (and it should be)
  6. all the studies and arguments that ipods, mp3 players, etc lead to social isolationism are very true and very accurate. i’ve been in classes with some people for 3 years and i don’t know their names, they only know my last name (how professors call on students). i’m otherwise known as “headphone guy” or “guy with the headphones.” if i don’t have them, the first thing people ask me is “where are your headphones?”
  7. in this day and age, professors should just give out copies of notes electronically, especially things like powerpoint presentations.
  8. there aren’t as many attractive people in school as i would’ve thought (and yes, i include myself in the not so attractive side)
  9. there is a huge difference in how law students and med students (doc, nurse, PA) carry themselves during their off times.
  10. something very attractive about med students (seem to walk with a little more focus, determination)
  11. 8, 9, and 10 might be more a function of where i am and where i go to school than anything else

List One… oh yeah, it starts some more

Posted by seoulfully on April 18th, 2005

okay, so i think this is the start. i’m writing this, via ecto, sans internet connection, so it won’t be posted until later tonight. the first thing to do with this would be to think of a topic for my list. which is a none too easy task in it’s own right. and then i suppose the number of things that i want to list. though i suppose at the end of the day, i could make a list, then make a title to reflect said list.

so here we go, all pre-break stuff, no extra clicks to read this my friends, oh no.

6 things i think i think about law school

  1. the people are not that smart (but maybe it’s just my school, or my class)
  2. the people do not get smarter
  3. perhaps nothing zaps my strength as much as sitting through lecture
  4. perhaps the tail end of the spring semester is not the ideal time to give up caffeine
  5. it’s sometimes really hard to stay awake, even as you type
  6. law school makes you smarter about being lazy (see #2, this is the sole exception)

there it is first list. enjoy (i’ve fallen asleep writing it, it’s crazy because it’s not late, and i’m being active typing and all that, but still falling out.


Posted by seoulfully on April 15th, 2005

okay, I haven’t started yet. Which is no real surprise to myself or people who know me. But I still do intend to make a list of “X things i think i think” (thanks PK) (do i need to thank peter king every time i type it? i don’t know, don’t know if i plan to or not, just a play it by ear type of thing).

also, I have no idea what is up with my typing. It seems sentence by sentence, or even word by word, i go from proper typing with capitalization and punctuation, to my more free flow no caps, marginal (probably incorrect) punctuation.

two things i dont understand

Posted by seoulfully on April 15th, 2005

two things, of the many things, i don’t understand this morning.

1. Cingular has a deal to release, as ringtones, songs from artists. They’ve lined up Coldplay to release their first single as ringtone prior to releasing as a single. So here’s what i don’t understand, and this is not a novel/original thought. Cingular charges $1.99-$2.49 for their ringtones. So do they REALLY think that people are going to pay more for a ringtone (even if you get it earlier than full release) of 30 seconds than they would the full song (most download music sites are $0.99)?

2. All this talk about TO and his contract situation. Yes he’s well within his rights to ask for a new contract, he definately outplayed the existing one. I don’t think it’s right to do so in year 1 of a 7 year deal, but whatever. What I don’t understand is all this talk about how the team never honors its obligations (e.g. it can ask a player to restructure or cut him at will) and does so carelessly. It’s not like the teams don’t suffer a penalty for doing so (e.g. immediate cap hit and payment of “dead” money further restricting cap space). I mean unless I’m completely off in my understanding of NFL contracts and salary cap implications. So it’s not like they just up and cut a guy carefree. Yes, the teams look out for their own best interest and players are free to do so (and should) as well. Just the perception that teams just up and cut guys and don’t suffer any kind of repercussion is kind of weird to me.

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second post linking to this guy, originality, lists

Posted by seoulfully on April 12th, 2005

Undisclosed Location: lists

you know, everyone loves to think they are an original and all that, and everyone is. but damn, a lot of crap on these lists i definately agree with. i wonder if i made a list of 100 things i think (or to use a Peter King of SI phrase/feature: X things i think i think, which i like a ton) how much of it might be very similar to this.

hmm, maybe this will be one of my new tasks. every day i’ll make a list of X (i’ll have to figure out the number, don’t know if it’s better to have a static number or fluctuate as i go daily) “things i think i think” (thanks Peter King). of course you can add this to the huge number of things i want to do (e.g. practice my nearly non-existant piano skills, keep writing my “book/manuscript,” doing my best to keep this blog going).