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Halfway there

Okay, so I have just manually loaded all the posts from my old blog to here. So that blog will dies very soon. It’s all here. I still need to clean up the entries I made on this site. That will be done over Thanksgiving.


Okay, so I’m on vacation.  I thought I’d have all sorts of time to blog.  But I’ve been inexplicably busy!  And then I check my daily reading and find nothing of note to blog about.  So I’m telling you now, who knows how much I’ll blog.  And I’m going to spend my time searching for blogging tools into FF or maybe Dashboard.

Welcome Back

So here it is, live, after a few years and a lack of posts, for whatever reason (namely $3 domain registration) to bring my blog back.  I’m going to be migrating over from blogsome.  It used to be a link/commentary blog, but now I think it’ll just be a general blog about whatever I want.  No real focus (which I know is a mistake for a blog, but whatever, the title of the blog is what it is for a reason).  Well for the 3 people that read my blog (or used to when I posted semi regularly), hope you like it (hell, hope I keep writing it).

trying this ecto thing

hmm, it’s easy to use, but then there are problems. hopefully i’ll get it down pat. haha, of course this allows me to blog offline and then post later. which probably means more posts when i’m bored and sitting around in class. yes i’m in school (not for much longer). of course it deviates from my normal link-comment format. but maybe i’ll do my lists when i’m offline…


okay, so i’m trying out ecto versus using the blogsome web interface. we shall see how it works out over the next few days. the web interface of blogsome is great, esp the popup window to blog whatever browser page i am looking at. though i do like that it can post what i’m listening to on itunes if i’m listening to itunes. in fact let’s try it out.

listening to:
Wild Horses by Rolling Stones


okay, I haven’t started yet. Which is no real surprise to myself or people who know me. But I still do intend to make a list of “X things i think i think” (thanks PK) (do i need to thank peter king every time i type it? i don’t know, don’t know if i plan to or not, just a play it by ear type of thing).

also, I have no idea what is up with my typing. It seems sentence by sentence, or even word by word, i go from proper typing with capitalization and punctuation, to my more free flow no caps, marginal (probably incorrect) punctuation.

it starts

so i tend to read a lot of random stuff online. lot of news articles (from a wide variety of sites, though usually from the basic big ones), lots of blogs, lots of sports, lots of serious just weird crap. and much to the bane of my friends, i tend to send email after email after email with these links (i on occasion send the email straight from the site using their email this story function, but it’s rare) with my short comments. i know what it’s like to see 37 emails from someone all in one day of random stuff because every now and then a friend will get ambitious and reply to every single email and then my inbox is a page of just his replies. it’s great fun. so for awhile now i’ve thought i need a blog. not because i care so much about sharing with the world at large (though, hey, you’re more than welcome), but to save my friends the trouble of getting aforementioned 37 emails from me every day. so here it is, a blog of stuff that might just interest me (hence my poorly worded title to the blog).

just as a matter of an fyi, if this thing gets off the ground (i’m known for getting into something hardcore, then dropping it like a 50lbs sack of concrete quickly) i’ll eventually get serious about it and move to my own url/server etc (i mean there’s not much to stopping me now, just dont feel like paying the $8/year or whatever for a domain name). and if that actually happens, i hope to get my dueling blog idea running (dueling blogs, if you dont know, then you dont know, it’s not a hard concept, but one i dont feel like writing out at this moment. if you DO know, then i’ve talked to you about it and we need to stop being lazy and get on it).