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I’m a native Texan, but…

Use a License Plate Frame, Go To Texas Jail – Jalopnik

This makes me HATE Texas a little.  Honestly, you can barely buy a license plate cover that wouldn’t obscure part of the words and/or art on Texas plates.  The art on the standard plate goes RIGHT to the edge.  Dealer covers that many people leave installed for whatever reason (it certainly can’t be aesthetic) obscure part of it.  It’s absolutely ridiculous.

Weak security in our daily lives@Everything2.com

Weak security in our daily lives@Everything2.com

20 minutes + 3129 keypresses = unlocked car door on those car keyless number entry pad things.  My mom has this keypad on her Lincoln (it seems a very American car thing).  I’m definitely going to try it out when I visit for the holidays.  There’s really nothing else to do while I’m home.  (Though I’m going to bust out the Dreamcast and the Sega Bass Fishing I think.)