it starts

so i tend to read a lot of random stuff online. lot of news articles (from a wide variety of sites, though usually from the basic big ones), lots of blogs, lots of sports, lots of serious just weird crap. and much to the bane of my friends, i tend to send email after email after email with these links (i on occasion send the email straight from the site using their email this story function, but it’s rare) with my short comments. i know what it’s like to see 37 emails from someone all in one day of random stuff because every now and then a friend will get ambitious and reply to every single email and then my inbox is a page of just his replies. it’s great fun. so for awhile now i’ve thought i need a blog. not because i care so much about sharing with the world at large (though, hey, you’re more than welcome), but to save my friends the trouble of getting aforementioned 37 emails from me every day. so here it is, a blog of stuff that might just interest me (hence my poorly worded title to the blog).

just as a matter of an fyi, if this thing gets off the ground (i’m known for getting into something hardcore, then dropping it like a 50lbs sack of concrete quickly) i’ll eventually get serious about it and move to my own url/server etc (i mean there’s not much to stopping me now, just dont feel like paying the $8/year or whatever for a domain name). and if that actually happens, i hope to get my dueling blog idea running (dueling blogs, if you dont know, then you dont know, it’s not a hard concept, but one i dont feel like writing out at this moment. if you DO know, then i’ve talked to you about it and we need to stop being lazy and get on it).

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