playlists? i dont need no stinkin’ playlists

Playlist anxiety?

so apparently itunes playlists are a big deal at work as well as college campuses, coffeeshops with wifi. and apparently ppl are worried about what others will think of them bc of their playlist. i dont have any playlists for my pod except for full albums (for burning cds) and on-the-go’s that i didnt delete, one that is for things i’ve added in the past month, and one for highly rated but not played. though even when connected at work, or school, (never at coffeeshops, i dont do that sort of thing) i never see anyone else’s playlist. in fact i dont know if i have my playlists available to share. would i care if they did see my playlist? not really. so i like a wide variety of music. haha, perhaps i should make a playlist of all my fluff pop top 40 etc music. so i seem less interesting than i (think i) am. though i did read all those articles a few months back about ppl “flirting” using the playlists.

the only good thing about sharing playlists is being able to, ahem, copy songs from other ppl’s lists. though i’ve not done that in a long time, you know, not ever seeing other ppl’s music.

i should make some playlists, too much music, need a better way to organize it. my bigger itunes anxiety comes from having SO much music mistagged or not really tagged at all.

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