okay, so my last post got me thinking about pens, which i like a lot. i also like pencils, but only regular pencils. mechanicals are blah to me, though i like that they are constantly sharp. i love regular old number 2 pencils. anyways, i’m roaming, back to pens. i’m a fan of fountain pens. but i have to say, my fave every day pen, if only for ease of use and not worry about it at all is the pilot g2. but next to that, my fave daily pen (which would be my overall fave daily pen if it weren’t just a tiny bit inconvenient in random instances) would be the pilot varsity, which is a “disposable” fountail pen. then my favorite pens would be pelikans, if only because it was the first brand of fountain pen i purchased. plus i have a friend who knows a lot more about them and he tells me they’re good. and they look good. and they write really smoothly.

ha, then of course there’s the matter of ink. lots of inks, lots of colors. i couldn’t possibly have, or want, enough pens to have all the colors i might want at any given time. but cannot go wrong with a black, a blue, and a blue-black.

then paper, a really nice pad is the docket diamond. moleskines. rhodia pads. there are 3-5 more paper pads that i like. i like a variety of sizes from legal, to 8.5×11, to pocket pads. and i prefer, as i stated below, grid paper over blank or lined (college/narrow over wide rule).

hmm, perhaps i should link these things. to the respective sites or amazon or office max or something. not that anyone who actually reads this can’t find it for themselves, or that anyone actually reads this…

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