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you know, everyone loves to think they are an original and all that, and everyone is. but damn, a lot of crap on these lists i definately agree with. i wonder if i made a list of 100 things i think (or to use a Peter King of SI phrase/feature: X things i think i think, which i like a ton) how much of it might be very similar to this.

hmm, maybe this will be one of my new tasks. every day i’ll make a list of X (i’ll have to figure out the number, don’t know if it’s better to have a static number or fluctuate as i go daily) “things i think i think” (thanks Peter King). of course you can add this to the huge number of things i want to do (e.g. practice my nearly non-existant piano skills, keep writing my “book/manuscript,” doing my best to keep this blog going).

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