two things i dont understand

two things, of the many things, i don’t understand this morning.

1. Cingular has a deal to release, as ringtones, songs from artists. They’ve lined up Coldplay to release their first single as ringtone prior to releasing as a single. So here’s what i don’t understand, and this is not a novel/original thought. Cingular charges $1.99-$2.49 for their ringtones. So do they REALLY think that people are going to pay more for a ringtone (even if you get it earlier than full release) of 30 seconds than they would the full song (most download music sites are $0.99)?

2. All this talk about TO and his contract situation. Yes he’s well within his rights to ask for a new contract, he definately outplayed the existing one. I don’t think it’s right to do so in year 1 of a 7 year deal, but whatever. What I don’t understand is all this talk about how the team never honors its obligations (e.g. it can ask a player to restructure or cut him at will) and does so carelessly. It’s not like the teams don’t suffer a penalty for doing so (e.g. immediate cap hit and payment of “dead” money further restricting cap space). I mean unless I’m completely off in my understanding of NFL contracts and salary cap implications. So it’s not like they just up and cut a guy carefree. Yes, the teams look out for their own best interest and players are free to do so (and should) as well. Just the perception that teams just up and cut guys and don’t suffer any kind of repercussion is kind of weird to me.

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