List One… oh yeah, it starts some more

okay, so i think this is the start. i’m writing this, via ecto, sans internet connection, so it won’t be posted until later tonight. the first thing to do with this would be to think of a topic for my list. which is a none too easy task in it’s own right. and then i suppose the number of things that i want to list. though i suppose at the end of the day, i could make a list, then make a title to reflect said list.

so here we go, all pre-break stuff, no extra clicks to read this my friends, oh no.

6 things i think i think about law school

  1. the people are not that smart (but maybe it’s just my school, or my class)
  2. the people do not get smarter
  3. perhaps nothing zaps my strength as much as sitting through lecture
  4. perhaps the tail end of the spring semester is not the ideal time to give up caffeine
  5. it’s sometimes really hard to stay awake, even as you type
  6. law school makes you smarter about being lazy (see #2, this is the sole exception)

there it is first list. enjoy (i’ve fallen asleep writing it, it’s crazy because it’s not late, and i’m being active typing and all that, but still falling out.

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