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Alex Smith will be the 49ers first pick – updated 4.18.05

There is still a chance that Alex Smith will not be the first pick in this weekend’s NFL draft but four league sources, all involved to varying degrees in the selection process, confirmed on Monday afternoon that the standout Utah quarterback is first in the hearts of the San Francisco 49ers.

Aaron Rodgers will be the 49ers pick – updated 4.18.05

Which begs the question of whether Tedford’s latest prize pupil, California quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the likely choice of the San Francisco 49ers with the top overall pick in the 2005 NFL draft…

come on! i know the draft and prognositcating are inexact sciences, especially this year. but these two stories by the SAME GUY updated on the same day (no time stamp on the first, the second updated at 1234pm EDT) going two different ways. maybe he heard something different about the pick after posting one of the articles. but this is espn online, not print. if you can update one, you can update the other. like it’s so hard to change a few paragraphs to be consistent? at least within the span of a day? hey, go back and forth all you want, but don’t put up two stories that say two different things on the same day. come on now…

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