Things I Think I Think

  1. I don’t understand why people leave the default settings on their computers for stylistic things. like is the picture of rolling hills (Windows XP default wallpaper) SO magnificent that you want to keep it your wallpaper? is the windows start and shutdown sounds so melodious that they will remain your startup and shutdown sounds forever?
  2. why don’t people know how to mute their electronics? i mean it’s usually a matter of no more than 3 clicks or button presses. is it really too much to do?
  3. why do so many smart people like to talk about how smart they are, but at the same time act overly humble or “unaware” of their intelligence? i mean isn’t this more annoying than the person is smart and is just arrogant and up front with that arrogance?
  4. do apple computer owners feel superior (i mean every day folks, not the rabid fanboys that most apple owners are… and yes, i’m an apple owner) while sitting in class in a sea of wintel notebooks? their apple logo glowing softly?
  5. it’s not as hard to think of and type this list while taking notes as well (and it should be)
  6. all the studies and arguments that ipods, mp3 players, etc lead to social isolationism are very true and very accurate. i’ve been in classes with some people for 3 years and i don’t know their names, they only know my last name (how professors call on students). i’m otherwise known as “headphone guy” or “guy with the headphones.” if i don’t have them, the first thing people ask me is “where are your headphones?”
  7. in this day and age, professors should just give out copies of notes electronically, especially things like powerpoint presentations.
  8. there aren’t as many attractive people in school as i would’ve thought (and yes, i include myself in the not so attractive side)
  9. there is a huge difference in how law students and med students (doc, nurse, PA) carry themselves during their off times.
  10. something very attractive about med students (seem to walk with a little more focus, determination)
  11. 8, 9, and 10 might be more a function of where i am and where i go to school than anything else

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