football players are smart or not so much

Harvard quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick took his Wonderlic exam, and got every single question right. That ties him with Pat McInally as the only two people who achieved a perfect score of 50 on the test. However, Fitzpatrick finished his exam in nine minutes! That has got to be a record.

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that is insane. last year eli manning scored pretty well on the wonderlic. alex smith, who everyone touted as extremely smart for graduating in two years by bringing high school/AP credits, got a 40, but it doesnt say how long it took him to take the test (i’m guessing there’s a time limit though).

for contrast, frank gore, the miami RB, scored a 6, of course he has, and has overcome, a learning disability. but there’s a reason (scientific or not) that the only times you really hear people talk wonderlic scores is when someone is off the charts or the person who took it is a QB.

i doubt they need the money, but don’t you think wonderlic could make some money around nfl draft time by offering a scaled down, mini, web version of their test? i mean, i think i’d pay up to $5 to see how i stack up theoretically (because i wouldnt be taking the actual wonderlic test) with nfl prospects.

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