Finally peace

DVD: Blu-ray and HD-DVD Join Forces

though i don’t know how much i like this. though good for them for doing it, good for sony for realizing it has to (what a track record for superior products that failed). i think blu-ray was the way to go, and felt it would win out, but this takes that option away and makes it so everyone plays nice, which is good. but at the end of the day, i was probably wrong anywas. hell i forget the number of a great majority of tvs bought are still analog. people still buy vhs players and tapes! whatever, as per the article, it’s big what happens to ps3. and depending on the new format might take away from sony’s big up on xbox 360 (which has been announced to use regular old dvds). haha, and apple announced loyalty to blu-ray. hahah, maybe they will stick with it and do their own thing as always and be the only kids on the block with blu-ray. i doubt it, but you know how they do….

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