gadget theft… sad

The New York Times > Combating Gadget Theft

three things about this article. and no not a list, at least not in the sense i use lists on this site.

1. it’s sad to lose gadgets. whether theft, lost, etc.

2. poor poor gideon yago. hahaha, not laughing because he was a victim of a robbery, but let’s be honest, gideon yago gets his ipod stolen, not a big deal to him (though in all honesty, $10g worth of stuff must really suck, in addition to all the info on his computer, external hard drive etc).

3. it’s amusing, to me at least, that the guy in the picture is inserting or ejecting an old oasis disc “definitely maybe.”

(btw, i know the categories don’t appear by the post title in this theme, but take my word for it, a lot of my posts are in the ??? category as well as others. like this is in ???, electronics, and news. does it strike anyone else as odd that i would put things in “??? – random, even i dont know” and other defined categories at the same time? doesn’t or shouldn’t “??? – random, even i dont know” mean that i don’t know which category to put the post? i’m going to have to give some thought to my blog organization now.

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