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so i missed the “doc leaves medical instrument in cavity of patient, ruining his career, sending his malpractice carrier through the roof, and subjecting the hospital to ridiculous liability” show last night as i was watching “hotel rwanda.”

okay, now i didn’t watch “ray.” i am fully convinced however that jamie foxx was brilliant in it (i thought he was great in “collateral” too. if he would’ve won both best actor and best supporting actor how insane would that have been?). in fact, as much as i LOVE movies, i didn’t see a single picture represented in best picture or best actor. and unlike many years where you have one guy that you think is just there and doesn’t really deserve it, this year i have to say each man nominated for best actor could’ve won (based on past work, because, again, i didn’t see any of the movies). and i know foxx was on an unstoppable wave. golden globes, etc. (who else really got tired of the back and forth call with the audience to start his speeches? though i did not get tired of actual body of his heartfelt speeches.). and really it didn’t hurt him at all that ray charles passed away in that year. (btw, i watched “ali” on tnt the other night, i think will smith’s performance in that movie was really overlooked. i mean i know it was recognized, but it was really good. and i can’t help but wonder if ali had passed away that year if will smith would’ve had the same kind of traction that foxx did with “ray”). okay, back to the point. cheadle was amazing in “hotel rwanda.” i am a huge cheadle fan. but this movie was great.

okay, now second random thought (as i consider making this into a page and break, but then just keep typing). how am i where i am in life and i don’t have friends with nicknames? well let me qualify. i do have friends with nicknames, in fact my friends have a nickname for me. and now that i think about it, i think everyone in this particular circle of friends has a nickname (even though most are just a variation on his or her name, and besides is it really a nickname to add ‘y’ to someone’s name?). but therein lies the point. i watched the draft and you had people with nicknames like “cadillac” and “pacman.” i read columns with people who have friends with nicknames like “dooze” and “brick” (bill simmons). what in life did i miss that i don’t have friends with nicknames like this? do you have to be star athletes? is this a college frat thing? i have no idea. it’s not like there haven’t been crazy things or whatever happen, but just no nicknames on that level. i have no idea why. and i have no idea why i thought about it. it just hit me over the weekend that i don’t have any friends nicknamed like “jumbo” or some other seemingly-random-to-the-outside-world-but-really-is-an-inside-joke nickname. of all my friends, only two have nicknames that are not some variation of their name. my nickname is a variation on my name, though a somewhat unorthodoxed one. and for what it’s worth, i used to have a friend nicknamed “looney” and my nickname at one point (for like a week and a half) “plain old X” (X being my real name) because i was asked what i want my nickname to be (btw, you can’t give yourself a nickname, it doesn’t work like that) and i said, “i don’t know, i’m okay with plain old X.”

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