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such goodness

Arrested Development’s back

this is great news. admittedly i was late to the AD fan club, but now i’m a decided member. but i do feel a lot of people still “like” this show because they “should” like it. i mean if as many people actually liked it as they say they do, wouldn’t the ratings be much better? btw, i think it’s great they got picked up for a full, standard 22 eps next season, but honestly, don’t you think fox should’ve given them 26 if they wanted? to make up for cutting this season from 22 to 18….

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push my buttons!

talk about quality control

keypress test

jebus, look at that. 1 of 20 “basic” QC test is depressing the keys of the cellphone 400000 times! the “demands of popular SMS messaging” indeed! isn’t siemens trying to sell their cell phone division or get out of the business altogether? maybe they should, you know, stop spending so much money on stuff like this.

btw, they should just hire that guy who did the record number of SMSs in a month (guy had like a 1400+ page bill, i wonder how many envelopes that took?).

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answers or just more questions

MSN – News – Dave Chappelle Says He’s Not Crazy

well thankfully it’s not anything really serious. but does this interview/report answer any questions? does dave chappelle really think the first two seasons of chappelle show don’t reflect his “voice?” i can imagine that comedy central would want to be able to review some of the stuff, but i also think they’d let a lot of stuff go because it’s a cable channel, the ratings, while great for comedy central aren’t huge compared to broadcast or premium channels, and you know, they paid him to do that kind of show. regardless, i’m glad it’s just apparently a matter of a man trying to get his bearings rather than drugs or some sort of mental collapse.

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natalie reprising sigourney?

umm, i’m guess this is for a role, but natalie with no hair! actually not all that bad looking.

edit: natalie shaved her head for “V is for Vendetta” the wachowskis new film. she did it for a torture scene. she also said she had been looking forward to it bc she had wanted to do it for a long time (via

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twister – explain this to me

so i’m watching twister on tbs. and here’s the thing. i can buy that at the end of the movie they can actually strap themselves to a pipe with some leather straps and they’ll not be sucked into the tornado. i can buy that the tornado can rip a whole house and have it roll across the road so the main characters can drive through it (even though somehow the tornados not strong enough to pick up and toss the truck). i can buy that they can run away from the tornado that’s throwing trees around them (and a freaking crop cutting huge thing right over them) but the tornado doesn’t pick them up too. but here’s the thing. it bothers me more than words can say that (and i can even buy that they somehow avoid all debris when running away from it) that when they do strap themselves to a pipe with the leather straps that even though they are now sideways up in the air because the tornados SO strong that no debris hits them in the head. or that they can actually have their eyes open to look up into the tornado even though there’s like 10 tons of dirt and little things that should be flying into their eyes. i mean you get on a roller coaster and there’s a good chance that you can’t have your eyes open the whole time just because wind going 40-50 mph, nevermind 100+ or whatever it was the tornado in twister was supposed to be.

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does it count if you got in trouble but since the teachers liked you, you got off easy?

Five Habits of Millionaires

One interesting study found a majority of male millionaire entrepreneurs had been in trouble with school authorities or the police during their adolescence.

what if you just never got caught by the police (not saying that i didn’t get caught, i have, but i’ve also gotten away with my fair share)? and the question in the post title? what if i had some issues with school authorities, but they liked me so i never really got into any kind of trouble? regardless, nothing on the list is anything groundbreaking or something that’s not been heard before….

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the saints, yeah umm, them – NFL – Louisiana unmoved by Saints talks with San Antonio

i don’t care about the saints. they are terrible. it’s a given they will collapse toward the end of the season. it’s a given that just when you think he’s great, aaron brooks will do something to kill the team. the only thing in this article worth mentioning, is NOT that the saints might move to san antonio (yeah right, NFL’s next franchise will almost certainly be LA, you know tags and the other owners have been trying to get a team back to LA since the raiders and rams left), but rather that the owner of the saints said he’s received offers for the team of over $1 billion. it’s the SAINTS!

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if only it were true Books: Everything Bad Is Good for You: How Today’s Popular Culture Is Actually Making Us Smarter

so this has been part of the world o’blog, but i had some server issues, as my 4 readers know. but if this were true, i’d be in heaven. well not heaven, but a happier place or something. if only watching tv made me smarter, rather than, you know, making people have the attention span of a gnat. or making it now almost physically impossible for me to only have one thing to focus on (yes, i’m media king, it’s not at all uncommon for me to have the tv on, a movie on another screen, while music is playing as i read things on my computer. or a movie, the ps2, music, and movie on the computer. once i had a setup where i had a tv on, ps2 on another screen, music via portable music player, and a dvd – audio only playing through the stereo).

btw, i will me migrating to a server and my “own” website relatively soon. i should send out actual snail mail invites with the new addy to my readers, as it would cost me less than $5 total for all of that! haha.

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i want this

What’s Up, Pussycat? Whoa! – New York Times

rarely do i really want things that are not consumer electronics or something. and the price of these cats are ridiculous. but i want this cat. it’s a hybrid breed (African serval, a wildcat, and the domestic housecat).

i mean check out this pic!cat!

this thing is HUGE. it’s on a leash. apparently it’s a dog like cat in a lot of ways. it just looks cool!

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