i’m not a doctor

okay, i’m not a doctor. i don’t pretend to know about medicine. if i can research specific things to ask informed questions, i do. and i don’t know what the diagnosis/prognosis was for him, but seriously how long is rip hamilton of the pistons going to wear that face mask? honestly. does it take THIS long for a broken bone in the face to heal? he’s been wearing it for at least 2 years (all of last season pretty much and all of this season). is it just something he’s decided to wear to “protect” his face? does he wear it for fashion? does he wear it for superstition (his game really came together last season)? how long is he going to wear this mask? do you think his friends are tempted to buy him “custom” masks? btw, what happened to custom masks? now all masks are clear and plain. i remember in the early-mid 90s all of a sudden all the face masks were all kinds of painted in designs, etc.

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