twister – explain this to me

so i’m watching twister on tbs. and here’s the thing. i can buy that at the end of the movie they can actually strap themselves to a pipe with some leather straps and they’ll not be sucked into the tornado. i can buy that the tornado can rip a whole house and have it roll across the road so the main characters can drive through it (even though somehow the tornados not strong enough to pick up and toss the truck). i can buy that they can run away from the tornado that’s throwing trees around them (and a freaking crop cutting huge thing right over them) but the tornado doesn’t pick them up too. but here’s the thing. it bothers me more than words can say that (and i can even buy that they somehow avoid all debris when running away from it) that when they do strap themselves to a pipe with the leather straps that even though they are now sideways up in the air because the tornados SO strong that no debris hits them in the head. or that they can actually have their eyes open to look up into the tornado even though there’s like 10 tons of dirt and little things that should be flying into their eyes. i mean you get on a roller coaster and there’s a good chance that you can’t have your eyes open the whole time just because wind going 40-50 mph, nevermind 100+ or whatever it was the tornado in twister was supposed to be.

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