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Simmons on women Bill Simmons movie review: Fever Pitch

first let me say, i love bill simmons. roughly 97% of what he writes i enjoy immensely. he’s currently in the final stages of his intern contest (which i did not try out for), which is neither here nor there. i’m linking to this because it’s so hilarious. the different reactions to the same movie (men vs women). how horrified he is to be identified with a generic male lead in a romantic comedy. the insights on women (that’s right, i said it, insights). so funny. you read the conversation he had with his wife and mother about the movie and you can hear it, because you’ve been part of that talk in one context or another at some point in your life. good stuff all around. his page is definitely a worthwhile read.

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love of all things 80s?

The New York Times – The New Peacocks

from the nytimes new thursday style section. yes men’s clothing (not just tailored) has really taken off in the past few years. which means everything costs more, etc. but this article talks at least a little about the move toward big business and the corporate world etc.

But ultimately the timing of the suit’s return suggests a social shift, toward a climate of conservatism obviously, but also to a culture of money and business

but doesn’t it kind of seem like a return to the 80s in general. things more fitted, more preppy (for lack of a better term), more self-centered, more about wealth and displays of wealth (fake or not). not that i mind, seeing as how i’ve always considered myself to be somewhat of a dapper man. and yes, i love suits with real button holes (even though now “low end” suits even have this bc it’s something that ppl at least used to equate with high quality and cost), colored (though custom colored is a bit much for me) or unique jacket linings (i also love something i saw on a thom brown suit once, which is colored lining under the collar. yes no one will ever see it, but still), but i dont know if i’d enjoy a return to the 80s, or the attitude of the 80s at least.

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