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grafitti 2.0

the new graffiti? jet set radio! (that’s right SET, the original, not the jet GRIND radio we got in the states, and not the jet set radio future on xbox… the original!)

Another difference is that the new subway graffiti usually looks like a crude scrawl, rather than the detailed writing or representational art that was common in the graffiti of years past and has shown up again on the sides of buildings from Williamsburg to the South Bronx.

that’s just making a relatively baseless distinction. yeah the graffiti of days past was more colorful, but that’s because they were using paint or markers. in the pic in this article, the new etched tags don’t look substantially different to tags in marker or paint.

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pop vs soda… the correct answer is coke

a study of vernacular or lexicon as you will

this is a totally unscientific study, if you can call it that, about what people call “soft drinks” or “sodas” etc. i grew up in TX, but in a military town. I grew up saying coke, now I say soda. according to this site soda is said in the county i grew up by about 26% of the people. the change for me happened when i went to college in the midatlantic.

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who gives nicknames?

an nytimes article about nicknames. a few things: (1) i don’t think i’ve EVER met anyone (not that i travel in the most digital of circles) that has had a nicknamed based on their IM or email handle.
(2) i don’t care if ppl are starting to use their IM or email handle as their nicknames, giving yourself a nickname is just utter crap.

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do they really need help?

genetic testing to determing ethnic heritage

this is an article (reg required) about how ppl are using genetic testing to find out their ethnic background. the story part of the article is about 2 guys who took the test and found they are 9% native american and 11% northern african. but they have always thought of themselves as white. their parents are white. and i know that white american males are the “easiest group to discriminate” against, but don’t they have enough of an advantage within the social order that they shouldn’t be allowed to do this sort of thing to get things like financial aid to colleges and such?

another reason to detest rich ppl

producer sacrifices for his art

So the producer of an Eddie Griffin (oh yeah, that’s a sure return on investment) movie is offering up his cars to be in the movie (an automobile thriller). cars include a phantom, lambo murci, enzo, and a p-car carrera GT. the p-car will BE CRASHED DURING ONE SEQUENCE!!!

he’s offering up his GT to be wrecked! ugh.

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