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one format to rule them all

Tek Jansen’s Explosive Gaming Experience! : PS3 Blu Ray vs Xbox 360 HD DVD vs DVD

So this guy decides that HD-DVD is better than Bluray.  Of course he’s trying them out via consoles (and as such different output signals).  And he’s viewing them on a 1080p set.  But hey everyone is entitled to an opinion.  This guy certainly makes an argument.  I didn’t try clicking the pics, but I want hi-res comparison shots of a 1080p output.

What did you learn this year?

BBC Magazine – 100 Things We Learned This Year

Random list by the BBC of things we learned this year.  Though there are links to the info, some I remain dubious about (admittedly not having clicked through).

(And yes I realize that “So random even I don’t know what it is” would imply that I shouldn’t tag this post with other bits, but I didn’t read the whole 100 list and I’m leaving myself some grey area.)

Such celly hotness

Samsung Ultra Edition 13.8

This has been all over the techblogs, and I’m repeating it here because it’s just so hot.  I need this phone.  Okay, I don’t.  But playing with my girlfriend’s new celly made me more than dissatisfied with my SLVR (form factor aside).  I almost picked up a SE w810i (or dropped real money on the k790a) or the Sammy d900 carbon (pfft, links, bah, google them you want to know so bad), but have been holding out hope that the iphone/imobile is all I will want in a phone (form factor included).  Though playing with the Blackberry Pearl was nice, even though I don’t need a smart phone.  (This Sammy I linked has HSDPA, which I would get a data plan for ASAP, even though I wouldn’t get one for a smart phone.).

If the Applephone sucks, I can always get something else.  (And Apple had better release another standalone iSight camera damnit!  And iTV better not suck, with the new fee structure, Tivo doesn’t look like it’s going to be renewed, unless it only costs $3-5 more to install it on my Comcast cablebox).