High Def?

So I just got a 1080p HDTV.  And I got a nice upconverting dvd player for Christmas.  And yet I’m plagued by the thought of a PS3 or an Xbox360 (or xo as i like to call it… get it, x for xbox, o for circle which equals 360 degrees!  I’m so clever idiotic.).  Nevermind my friends who are going crazy over the fact that I got a nice HD set and don’t have an HD movie player.  Listen, it bothers me too.  I LOVE movies.  I’d get a PS3 or xo for HD movies alone, never mind gaming.  (Why not just get a stand alone Bluray or HD-DVD player you ask?  Well I do enjoy gaming as well, so there’s that.).  But it’s a lot of layout for movies of which I’m not positive which format will win out.  There are movies on both that I really love.  Perhaps for Christmas…..

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