5 thoughts on “Planypus – Make plans with your friends

  1. Alex


    Thanks for the mention. The great part of Planypus is that you dont have to make any plans. As long as you just suggest something to do, your friends (together or seperately) can plan it for you. In fact, many of our users love the “I don’t want to be an organizer” link just for that exact reason. Call it lazy planning if you will :).

  2. ayn

    Interesting, I checked out Reckoo and Planypus yesterday, I think somebody dugg Reckoo and probably Alex posted a link to Planypus there… Great concept, I created an account at Reckoo but not at Planypus, prolly due to laziness (and the default city was Chicago, not San Francisco, LOL), I will have to check out Planypus again this weekend… the “I don’t want to be an organizer” feature is GREAT!!!

    Reckoo was pretty impressive though, I created an account and it went and got my Flickr profile pic and I think it was able to figure out my location… It also uses the Plaxo widget to import your contacts from everywhere else…

  3. ayn

    hehe, I just registered at Planypus and they use the same Plaxo thing to import contacts too… a few things weren’t exactly intuitive, like changing my city by clicking “chicago, il” in my profile, or how to confirm my cellphone number by clicking “change”…

  4. Yan

    Hey ayn

    We’re planning a full redesign that should address some of the usability problems..meanwhile I will look into the issues you had and see what we can do about them. Thanks!

  5. Alex


    we’re glad yo like the “i dont want to be organizer” link. As for the city, its being a bit screwy but we are actively working on it. Definitely let us know anything else and we will work on bringing it to you. THanks for the feedback!


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