Apple a day

So Apple announced a bevy of greatness: Apple TV, iPhone.  And of course I want both (nothing like using a personal multimedia device that runs a full OS and costs as much as a PS3).  And will likely get both (Apple TV is a toss-up… 60/40 I purchase).  I also want the unannounced but dropped new Airport.  Of course my G4PB doesn’t have the draft n airport card, so it’s kind of useless to me.  But the fact that it can act as a NAS device is heaven.  I HATE being tethered to my external hard drive.

No links because the links and info is everywhere (insane that Apple jumped over $6/share earlier after the announcements).

I am GREATLY disappointed there was no announcement on the iSight.  No news of replacement.  No silent addition to the Apple Store.  It’s just gone.  I guess it’s really time to hit up ebay.  I was waiting and waiting for MWSF to hope Jobs would drop a new one, but I guess not.

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