Oh the death knell

Oh if this is true it’s a BAD move for Sony

Adult movie company says Sony won’t let XXX titles on bluray discs….

edit: I just read that Bluray is going to have transferable content (e.g. movie disc comes with a portable version for ipod, psp, etc.).  That would ameliorate some of this idiocy.  Also, I just read that Sony pulled the same shit with Betamax, and we all know how that worked out for them….. grrrr.

One thought on “Oh the death knell

  1. ayn

    yeah, just read about that, that is just stupid, very very bad move as pr0n is what it’s about, it isn’t a coincidence that CES and AVN happen at the same time…

    now if pr0n come in HD-DVD readily, I’d have to cop an HD-DVD playa… lol…


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