I have no idea how this works

AllFreeCalls.net | End The Rip-Off: Make Free Calls from The USA

Free international calls to various countries.

Here’s a blurb from TechCrunch on how it works:

Here’s my understanding of how this works: the founder created his own telephone company in Iowa. Iowa is apparently the only state taking advantage of an FCC kickback scheme that gives telco’s a portion of the fees generated from every inbound call to an Iowa number. So when you call the AllFreeCalls phone number, a portion of any long distance fees you are paying go to the company. The kickback is apparently authorized via the Universal Service Fund. These kickbacks are enough on average to more than cover the international outbound calling fees.

I don’t make many (any really) international calls, but my family/friends do. Should be worth a shot. And theoretically since you are calling Iowa and they are placing the call for you, you should be able to dial internationally on your celly without an international plan (and avoid the CRAZY fees that go along with international calls, plan or not).

edit:  See comment by Garren below for an slightly more in-depth explanation.  I will admit to wanting to try it out though…

One thought on “I have no idea how this works

  1. Garren

    This is nothing else than Futurephone, a weird Iowa toll number that costs you at least 6 cents or more per minute. The state of Iowa, or better these bogus companies, take advantage of an FCC kickback supported by the US Universal Service Fund (USF), so the company generating the calls makes money out of the USF and you. I’m more than sure that this isn’t allowed to continue for long — that’s really not what the USF is for! Don’t get fooled by these services!


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