Denim Therapy

Denim Therapy

I don’t know if it’d be worth it for regular jeans, but I’d def send in premium denim. Hmm, though I might send in my APCs if they needed them. I love these jeans (maybe because they were my first raw pair). APCs and Nudies are what I have. And I NEVER get to wear jeans (basically it’s weekends only and not even all weekends because let’s face it, if I’m lounging at home playing PS3 or watching a movie, I’m not doing it in jeans, even jeans i need to break-in), but I’m looking at getting another pair or two (thinking Samurais or Imperials, maybe SugarCanes, less likely Pure Blues…. though AYN had some other recommendations I’ll look at as well).

link via AYN

2 thoughts on “Denim Therapy

  1. ayn

    I just dropped off my Dior 19cm’s at Grant Cleaner, recommended by Ab Fits, to patch up the holes at the crotch… Didn’t feel like sending them to NYC for Denim Therapy, plus patching sorta adds character to the jeans… we’ll see how it works out…

  2. eugene Post author

    Should pick up a cheap sewing machine and patch them yourself. Are you patching with denim or something else? I think “reweaving” and patching both will result in a nice look. Contrast from the rest of the denim.

    Ha, is this why you’ve been sporting the Oni Blues in your WAYWTs? (=


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