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Links from Kottke.org.  Some older, some newer, I’ve not been to Kottke in awhile, so just things that caught my interest.  I might break some of these out into their own posts, maybe not.

NYU students are materialistic! -NYU students would exchange their vote for an iPod Touch or a free ride to NYU.  Half said they’d give up their right to vote FOREVER for $1 million.  Disenfranchisement for an amount that wouldn’t even buy a 1 bedroom condo in the city they go to school.  Even exchanging their vote, for an iPod?!  I love Apple, and my iPod (I don’t have a Touch, but I do own an iPhone).  But trade my vote for one?

Ninety percent of the students who said they’d give up their vote for the money also said they consider voting “very important” or “somewhat important”; only 10 percent said it was “not important.” Also, 70.5 percent said they believe that one vote can make a difference – including 70 percent of the students who said they’d give up their vote for free tuition.

Yeah, real important.  So important that’d you sell it away…

Musical roads. – The Japanese develop roads that play melodys when being traversed at certain speeds.  I’m quite certain I’d find this annoying and speed to avoid it.  If they want to discourage speeding, they should make a road that generates an annoying tone at high speeds.

Okay, I had like 6 Kottke links, but as I was writing this post, decided not to put them here.  Two is enough.

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