Lil’ Romeo signs with USC

Lil’ Romeo’s a Trojan – 

“This is the most important thing I’ve had to do and hopefully it sends a message to kids across the country that education is more important than money,” Miller said at the news conference. “Getting a college scholarship is more important than winning an American Music Award, and I plan to be the best student-athlete I can be at USC.”

Okay, he’s the son of a did well for himself rapper/producer.  Via his cribs he had a MBZ hatchbatch before he could even drive.  He’s listed by some as a top 15 PG in the high school ranks.  This post is about none of that.  Yes education is more important than money.  It’s great for him that he’s good enough to get a scholarship with a D-1 school.  But you mean to tell me that he can’t afford to just pay out of pocket and walk on to the team?  Could some other deserving you man better use that scholarship?  Not to say Lil’ Romeo doesn’t deserve it, but he can afford USC (well I’m assuming so, havent’ heard to much out of Master P recently) without scholarship.  Others can’t.  Not like if he walked on, he’d be a real walk-on.

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