Almost already missed a day

Jeez, the rebirth of (This Might Interest) Maybe just me was almost short lived.

Umm, here’s Gladwell’s latest piece from the New Yorker about criminal profilers.

What I take from it (gross oversimplification here) is that they are nothing more than palm readers.

Happy Thanksgiving folks.  If I bother finishing setting up my computer (I installed Leopard on my PowerBook last night) (i.e. download and installing ecto) perhaps I’ll blog over the holiday break.  Not to say no ecto prohibits me from blogging since I’ll have wifi accessibility.  Hmm, maybe I’ll jump onto Twitter for real this weekend, and figure out a way to update my twitter to my blog.  Since it’s easier for me to twitter via my phone when I’m not in a wifi hotspot, than to blog… ugh, already too complex.

edit: Kottke doing the Twitter already!  Can’t lift any more than I already do from the man himself, so no Twitter on the blog.

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