Schumi is rich

And fast.  And the best cabbie.

Michael Schumacher taxis himself to the airport.

So the man flies in his private jet from Switzerland to Germany to buy a puppy!  Tips a cabbie $146.72 tip on an $88.03 fare (BTW, what kind of crazy fare system do they have over there that your fare can end with pennies?  Converting to euros doesn’t answer my questions as in euros its 59.88.  Oh and does Schumi really round his change to the nearest quarter?  Why not a full dollar?  Seriously a total of $234.75?  Schumi can’t give the man a full $235?).  Isn’t there some sort of liability for a cabbie to let a passenger drive?  Not to say if I was driving Schumi that I wouldn’t let him drive, rules or not.

One thought on “Schumi is rich

  1. ayn

    I wonder what kind was it, from German and all, maybe a Biewer Yorkshire a la Pom Pon? 🙂

    Love how he asked to drive the taxi, LOL, also wonder what kindda car it was…


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