I’m fairly certain we are devolving (de-evolving?  See it’s already happening to me!) as a society.  That thing a few weeks/months back I posted about the human race splitting has to be true.  As I’m pretty sure I mentioned in that post, the movie Idiocracy (a failed attempt on a good idea) seems prescient.

Anyways, the latest clue that we are just setting up our own doom, I give you the Double Deep Meat Lover’s pizza from Pizza Hut.  A single slice will log you 580 calories!  But hey, maybe someone can just eat three slices a day and lose some weight (though not as much as you might thing, and definitely they won’t be healthy) since they’d only be consuming 1740 calories a day.  Of course, 90% of Americans (I just made that stat up) would probably put down 3 slices a sitting so…

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