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Space Kimchi

I totally understand the need for kimchi.  I used to think my dad was weird for wanting to eat kimchi as soon as we’d get home from a non-Korean restaurant.  But I get older and I understand it more and more.   I was born and raised in the US, but I understand.

Space Kimchi! - space kimchi
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Another picture:

space kimchi
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I want this now

LED fireplace.

platonic fireplace
image courtesy Platonic Fireplaces.

This is cool.  I’m a geek, so what?  I remember an MTV cribs, with Craig David I believe, where LEDs were in the walls or something and the dude could change the colors or flashy or whatever of his walls and whatnot.  It was awesome.

If/when I get a house, call me a snob, I’d interested in their “Bespoke Fireplaces”.

Be Cool

Be a cool hipster…. get a graphic tee at Rumplo.

You can search and whatnot.  There are other, probably better, sites, but I found this one this morning so here it is.  Despite this excellent interview of John Gruber (of Daring Fireball) by Shawn Blanc that, among other things, discusses writing and blogging, I decided to just toss something up this morning without much thought about what it is since I’ve not posted in awhile.