Music Mixes

Well listening to some muxtapes now.  It’s as good a way to find new music as Last.FM or Pandora, though limited to the actual mix and not as wide and webby as those two services.

I’ve never been good at the mixtape, mix cd, etc.  I don’t have a flow with that sort of thing.  Maybe it’s the paralysis of choice due to my library size, or maybe from not knowing or being fully familiar with all the music in my library (complete albums I’ve not listened to yet, tons of unlistened songs as well).  I just usually toss in songs I know/like until I get a CD full.  I used to have a friend who would make mix cd stories.  Taking into account the lyrics and all.  The one I remember most was the story of a relationship, from courtship to breakup.  Mostly R&B, but not because that’s most suited to the story, but that was just his style of music more so than other things.

I’d like to have this skill though.  Mix of music that flows together.  Appropriate for whatever purpose.  So rising and falling songs.  Or when needed, as Barney of How I Met Your Mother would want it, always rising!  Hell even a good workout mix.  Which you’d think would be easy given I have Tangerine, but nope, still not that easy.

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