This has been growing way fast.  I forget where I first read about it.  Create a “mixtape” (or, err, muxtape) by uploading music to the site.  You get a link.  You share, “trade”, etc. muxtapes with friends and strangers.  It seems in concept like a more user defined Last.FM.

I’ve not made one yet, but a lot of my music is in .mp4, which isn’t supported (yet, but is slated for support).  Maybe I’ll check it out and add it to my linkroll.  Not that anyone reads this blog to click to listen to my muxtape.  But if you are out there mysterious readers (hell, even the 3-4 regular readers I have that are family/friends) create a muxtape and toss me the link.  Or you know, get a Last.FM account or something.  (Not that I’m active in any of this social networking web2.0 stuff.)


EDIT: wow no joke. I checked muxtape yesterday.  Only the creator’s (of the site) muxtape was available.  Now there’s a whole slew of them.  Not bad for roughly 12 hours of difference since last I went there.

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