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I’m simply amazed

I shouldn’t be because the internet is nothing if not a place for the niche-iest of niches, but I found this link on Kottke that talked about the size of Smurfs and how they lived in mushroom houses when ostensibly Smurfs were “three apples high” or in some rendering knee high on “humans”.  That link led to another link which was a Smurf forum discussing this issue.

Things that amaze me about this:

  • There is a Smurf forum (this shouldn’t amaze me, but it does)
  • That the people on the Smurf forum are serious about the realism of Smurf building/construction
  • That they write things like this:

If Smurfs are three apples tall, how can they live in mushrooms? What kind of mushroom is big enough to house a being about the size of a coke can? This has caused me a great deal of consternation over the last several days. Please help me!

A “great deal of consternation over the last SEVERAL days“!!! Wow. 

Links here:

Kottke’s post via this blog post ( via this message board thread (Blue Buddies – Smurf message board)

Be Good, Make Money

That’s a gross oversimplification of a link I’m grabbing from DaringFireball

Paul Graham’s Be Good talk from the 2008 Startup School.

Now I’m not in the tech field.  I’m not involved with any of that beyond a very rudimentary understanding of it, and a friend who’s more in that world than I am.  But I think the foundation of the Graham’s talk is sound and applies to more than just internet/tech startups.

For me, I’m relaying some of the funny, so here’s the quote (a footnote of the talk) I’m relaying:

Users dislike [Microsoft’s] new operating system [Vista] so much that they’re starting petitions to save the old one [XP]. And the old one was nothing special. The hackers within Microsoft must know in their hearts that if the company really cared about users they’d just advise them to switch to OSX

Go Go OS X!

Even if I was uber into the pics

And taking the pics, and in some artsy art school, I’d not buy and wear these bracelet.



But I present them here for you dear reader, in case your fashion sensibilities don’t lie exactly in line with my own.  Just thinking about it though.  If I was into photography that much (I am into photography, but not that much… well enough to spend money I shouldn’t on gear I really don’t need), wouldn’t wearing these bracelets/cuffs as I’m shooting be the equivalent of wearing a band tshirt to that band’s concert?

re:vision – Designers – Oye Modern


I know all of the top 10 and frequently use many in many of my daily conversations:

Pixmania’s top ten: WiMax, Rickroll, UGC, mashup, RFID, Android, HDMI, fuel-cell, HSDPA and DVB-H.

I speak NERDIC!  And while it almost seem like the antithesis of nerd, I’d add the use of bad grammar and spelling in the style of some arguably funny catz.  I can haz nerdic languagez?  (I’m not very good at the LOLcat imitation.