Time to use all of our knowledge

This is no time to be prejudiced one versus the other.  Use the Doomsday vault (f the seeds, save the people) kind of like Deep Impact.  And then hire the world’s best deep core driller and his team (because astronauts “don’t know jack about drilling” and you know drilling is “an art… a science” [who wrote that dialog?  Why do I even like this movie?]) to fly to the asteroid and plant a nuke (because we can’t just shoot it because that would be like shooting a speeding train with a beebee gun) like Armageddon.

1 in 450!  You have less a chance of winning the lottery than you do of an asteroid hitting the earth in 2036.  Which isn’t ALL that far off.  All that has to happen is the asteroid hit one of the 40,000 satellites around Earth.  I wonder if space trash counts, because we have a LOT of it.  Though an envelop of dust, like “nuclear winter” might help cool the planet from all the global warming (I kid, though there’s an argument for putting more particles in the atmosphere, similar to the particles we used to output with leaded gasonline, to help reflect radiation, etc. but that’s a whole other post.)

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