Be Good, Make Money

That’s a gross oversimplification of a link I’m grabbing from DaringFireball

Paul Graham’s Be Good talk from the 2008 Startup School.

Now I’m not in the tech field.  I’m not involved with any of that beyond a very rudimentary understanding of it, and a friend who’s more in that world than I am.  But I think the foundation of the Graham’s talk is sound and applies to more than just internet/tech startups.

For me, I’m relaying some of the funny, so here’s the quote (a footnote of the talk) I’m relaying:

Users dislike [Microsoft’s] new operating system [Vista] so much that they’re starting petitions to save the old one [XP]. And the old one was nothing special. The hackers within Microsoft must know in their hearts that if the company really cared about users they’d just advise them to switch to OSX

Go Go OS X!

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