Lost virigin, umm “Lost” virgin

So my significant other has never seen a full episode of Lost.  She’s caught a few minutes here and there while doing something else while I was watching it, but that’s it.  I decided I wanted to watch the entire series this summer again to be “fresh” on all of the little things I forgot.  So, perfect time to get her into it as well.  Like many conversations about Lost that fans have with non-fans (or people just unfamiliar with the show), it sounded stupid to people who aren’t fans of lost.

“What’s it about?”

“Well a plane crash on an island and the survivors.”

“So like ‘Gilligan’s Island’ but a drama?”

“Well the island has powers and there are other people on the island.”


“And a monster.  And the people are all somehow, even if only a little connected.”

“So it’s a magic island with monsters filled with people who know each other?”

“Not exactly, just start watching with me.  But don’t ask me any questions because there are things you aren’t supposed to know.  I mean, I’ve watched them all and there’s lots I don’t know.”

“So you can’t explain it?”

“No, but that’s kind of part of the appeal.”

“I don’t like drawn out questions with no answers.”

“Well it answers some then gives more questions, but some questions are still mysteries.”

“But you won’t explain it, or tell me who is who?”

“Well some I can, but mostly no.  Just watch it, you’ll get it.”

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