Lifting wholesale from Kottke on this

Kottke’s whole post:

W magazine has some advice for billionaires on Getting Things Done.

Delegate. Name any task — somewhere, a billionaire is outsourcing it. One well-known mogul favors shabby chic cashmere sweaters but doesn’t have the patience to let them get slightly worn at the elbows, so he employs a man to wear them around for him first.

I can’t tell if this list is a joke or not…

Back to me:

Goodness gracious.  Rich people are friggin’ crazy!  But I wonder if the guy went through the trouble of finding someone with same length humerus/ulna/radius as him so the shabby, worn elbows were in the right place.  Otherwise it’s like idiotic pre-distressed jeans with hige (whiskers) and honeycombs that are in the wrong place.

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